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  1. Happy 100th episode! I see you found a way to classily depict your main character throwing up too, so congrats on that as well!

    Milestones and surreptitious puking – Red Moon Rising has it all right here guys!

  2. w00t! Grats and all! So glad I got to watch you work; thanks for all the Livestreaming.

  3. Well, I’m excited 🙂 Congratulations on 100 pages of beautiful webcomic!!!!!!!

  4. I’d like to commemorate this moment by sayi–*blaagghhh*

    1. I think this and Baconnaise should make up the official RMR celebration traditions.

  5. Congrats! *highfives*

  6. I love this man’s expression. “God, seriously? -Again?-”
    Happy 100th, Rose 😀

  7. WOO
    this calls for a celebration

    and now i see why you were asking for an onomatopoeia for barfing on the stream a few days back

  8. Hi, I also followed the link from The Meek here, and I’ve got to say I absolutely love your comic! The pacing is great and I love how you limit the words spoken, it really brings the focus to the art and lets it speak for itself (so many comics overclutter the panels with dialog that it’s hard to see the artwork at all ). You have a great sense of space and your characters’ expressions are amazing – especially that eyebrow raise one all those officers seem so fond of pulling heheheh. This comic definitely goes on my bookmark list 🙂

    Grats on 100th!! Woots!!

  9. Congrats on the 100 pages! So does this mean it’s Baconnaise time now?

    1. Apparently the Baconnaise is on its way!

  10. Eeew… one moment guys… from what I googled Baconnaise is some sauce-like substance with bacon flavor, without having any bacon – or pork in general – inside. I mean… really…. get a Bratwurst or something…

    In other news: Happy 100-page ^^ Looking forward to the next shift of the decimal point!

    1. Here in Scandinavia, we have baconost, which is spreadable cheese bacon in a tube.

      And is, in fact, my religion.

      1. I think you might have to pitch a deal with Rose to send her some of this stuff once she reaches 200 pages, so that she can compare and contrast and grow fat and happy. XD

        1. Don’t think tha’ll work.
          From what I’ve seen on the ingredient list, it’s not that fatty… Best you can hope for to grow is cancer. The nutritional value shouldn’t be that high…

        2. I’m sure that in small doses it’s not fatal! ;P

      2. For some reason “baconost” just makes me think of a mix between bacon and glasnost. I have no idea how one would combine those, though.

    2. It’s mayonnaise that tastes like bacon, and it’s awesome. 😀 It actually tastes like bacon, despite not containing any actual pork. I think they did the bacon flavor only thing so vegetarians, and people who don’t eat pork for religious reasons etc. could have some as well. 🙂

      1. Thats like 3 reasons against this from my point of view o.O
        Well, anything that makes one happy I guess.

        1. Rose started off the comic with the goal of getting the stuff after… what, 60 pages? I guess 100 pages now. XD Consider it some kind of bogus and entertaining treat for doing a job well-fucking-done.

  11. *pops 100 poppers*

  12. Just found this comic a couple of days ago. I took the time to look through the archives and I have to say, this is great. Amazing artwork (in my admittedly untalented opinion) and an interesting story thus far. I look forward to seeing far more than the next 100!

  13. Congratulatoriationisms! 😀

    …No, I didn’t wait until the 100th page to make my first comment. XD

  14. May I ask,what tools did you use to create this art?

  15. CONGRATS!! Another amazing page of art Rose. I love your work and this page is really a looker, everything is just awesome looking. Congrats!!

  16. Dude, are you using a green/red palette? That’s looking really rad! And happy 100 pages. 🙂 You gone dun and made me so proud. The quality’s only gone up on these, too. Woot!

    1. Almost, I used a green tint for the shadows and just ramped up the saturation in the highlights, as well as adding a slight yellow overlay to give the impression of sunlight. 🙂 Thanks! I keep finding new, small things to try out with the art, keeps me on my toes.

  17. I wonder if Lethe is able to feel that they’re poking around for him 0.o

  18. I wonder if Rose will make the same sound if she eats Baconnaise? HURGH D:

    1. Probably either HURGHH or om nom nom, I don’t think there’s any in-between.

  19. Suddenly the last page makes sense and it’s page 100 double YAY! *two simultaneous poppers go off*

  20. Those drab first few pages bloomed into luscious color and composition. Way up there in the high art dimension.
    Really terrific, excellent work. (I am suddenly in love with red, and thick, light-saturated atmospheres.)
    The story, for all its intersecting directions has finally congealed into something: still a mystery, but a real journey. They could never get this right in a movie, (not that they wouldn’t want to try!)

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