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  1. This is exciting, in a way…<3

    1. Should be a bit clearer on the next page, hopefully.

  2. Someone tell Frodo to take the damn ring off before we have ring wraiths crawling all over the comic!

  3. Whooooo!!!
    An hour ago or something the page was unaccessible due to massive request overload. Maybe some braindead kiddie-hax0rs tried to cause trouble with papas work-rig, but I sure hope it was due to massive popularity increase and tons of fans trying to look for a new page or something ^^

    1. Could be either to be honest, I didn’t see the downtime myself. Did it come up with a red warning bell from Hostican about CPU cycles?

  4. I like this painting style it makes the page look trippy. Like it’s high but not on something heavy 🙂

    1. That was pretty much the idea, getting it to look a bit trippy and distorted. 🙂

  5. Ahh, is this some kind of magical brain-reading or something? I love the style change, and the way that you’re on PAGE 99 ALREADY.

    You simply rock! 8D *high five*

    I’m really loving the chapter title for this guy, too. The flagstones are just lovely. Keep it up! Let us know you’re alive on LJ sometime too, huh? 😛

    1. That’s almost exactly what it is! Whoo. 🙂 *high five!* Yeah, the pages seem to have really been stacking up recently, I think I’m getting into a good rhythm now. Thanks! And yeah, my poor neglected LJ account… I’ll revive it sooner or later, pinky swear.

  6. I was feeling really stupid for having missed the link from the Meek, but then realised that I haven’t read it for about a month, so that might explain it? Almost up to date….

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