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  1. I’d been trying to out-double-triple-quadruple-think myself on this guy’s motives. I mean, he knows Senna, so he knew what she’d likely do. (And it went downhill from there.) Anyway, not something I’d be thinking about were it me in that wheelchair.

    But even so, that last bit would’ve been too much for me. All of? Just shut it and get to the point already. I’d get angry. Lots. But maybe that’s just me. And it wouldn’t get to the point any faster. In likability, that bird is miles ahead, yes.

    Ashul rain would be more appropriate than these pretty pretty colours, but I don’t suppose pneumonia would help anyone’s case here. Makes one wonder how the head guy will wiggle around letting foreign powers run wild in the country.

    Ah, n’mind, he’ll just drop another shoe or two. It’s what rulers do. Senna really doesn’t know to appreciate getting shooed away, does she?

    1. I, too, have been trying to get his motives straight. And while I can see where you’re coming from, I think that he really does sympathise, and probably expected a lot better from Senna.
      And although it would be better just to get down to business, not everyone can set themselves in someone else’s place. It’s a delicate situation and to him he might just need to be careful. And consequently ends up being too careful.

      Slightly unrelated, Bird is the best char so far.

  2. This whole chapter has been seriously beautiful. =0

  3. is the bird a merciful god or are we going to have another total party kill?

    1. Hehe. Bullseye! >:-))

  4. Love your comic! I just noticed that “apologize’ is misspelled in the first panel – with an “s” instead of a “z”. An easy mistake to make!! Oops 🙂

    1. No misspelling, “apologise” is correct in British English, which I happen to adhere to… you know, being British and all. Only American English spells it with a z. An easy mistake to make. 😉

  5. I’m just loving the bird. Food food food.

    1. His name is Birdor, Destroyer of breadcrumbs.

      1. Quick! Somebody ship it!

        1. What do you mean by “ship it”? (genuine, ignorant-of-internet-culture question >_>)

        2. …if you learn the meaning of that word, you start tumbling ever faster into the depth of the internet.

          Basically: Assume relationships and be vocal about it.

        3. He’s right. It’s just a downward spiral from there. Granted, some people would tell you the spiral’s filled with rainbows, candy, and unicorns, but I’ve been there, man

        4. PenumbralRadiance

          “We’re going to candy mountain Charlie.”

        5. @PenumbralRadiance:
          *ahem* That’s a good way to lose a lung, man.

        6. Dear god… What have we done? This comment chain has become a monster!

          (liked the Charlie reference btw)

        7. @Wurtane- Or a kidney. Or a horn. Or something… worse.

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