Busy with university, sorry about late page times.

New vote incentive! I was messing about in Photoshop hoping to paint something I could use for a new set of banners or something, but it didn’t really end up being suited for that. Just another painting, of Adrianna this time. In theory it’s the current style I’m using taken to the next level where there’s a lot more greyscale painting involved before the cel-shading gets slapped on top. Someday, when I figure out how to avoid sleeping entirely, the entire comic could look like this.


Page 136

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  1. To: Rose’s university
    Re: Late comic
    Memo: Leave Rose alone >_<

    Your faces just keep getting better and better. I really liked panel 1 of the last comic, and panel 3 here. And Adrianna in the vote incentive just looks amazing; pity about the needing sleep thing.

  2. Okay WOW the vote incentive looks amazing.
    That Danil’s a tough old barstud, too, inn’e? I’d do what he says, Samara lady.

  3. The vote incentive sort of reminds me of a style I’ve seen in some really upscale comics in print. I think it has to do with the palette and the saturations. Or maybe just the -really- white skin.

    About that whole sleep thing. Don’t you worry, Rose! I’m sure all of your fans will set up a caffeine fund for you before long. 😀

  4. On not sleeping: I’ve heard that Da Vinci solved that problem by sleeping 15 minutes every two hours. That’s how he got time to do all the inventing and drawing and all.

    On comic: Well worth the wait, as always!

  5. Beautiful artwork and colors!

  6. I think there’s a typo in Tal-Onatha’s text of the third pic. It should say “This is more important than anyone’S ship”?

    1. No, it seems fine to me. I think he is saying “this is more important than any single ship”, rather than “this is more important than anyone’s ship”.

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