Oh yeahhh, that guy.

Still dicking around with the new style. Somehow it’s ended up being faster than trying to get clean lines, and it’s got the added bonus of giving my painting skills more of a workout, which is cool. Good times, I think.


Page 135

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  1. Wow, this page turned out pretty awesome. 😀 Painting workouts are totally good for you.

    Enjoy your free time, you totally deserve it. 😀

    1. Thanks! I played a video game, it was fun! Kinda nice to have a bit of free time for once.

  2. I love the way you’ve brought one of those major dichotomies between this world and ours into view here. The captain’s reaction of confused fear and surprise to the concept of someone who has no magic being able to kill someone who does reads extremely well!

    I’m really enjoying how the plot appears to be starting to take flight these past few weeks 🙂

    1. Thanks, glad it came across well. 😀 I’m looking forward to doing the next few sections of the story, should be answering some questions and bringing up a few more.

  3. i am enjoying it, and looking forward to seeing it all come together 🙂

  4. So, they have the ability to craft (presumably) complex artificial limbs for their mages and are flying around in a (presumably) advanced craft… but the concept of guns eludes them?

    Colour me confused! But also intrigued…

    1. Keeping in mind that all the people in power are mages, I see it this way – if you could shoot fire out of your hands would you develop gunpowder technology? I mean, apart from being unnecessary, carrying around something so flammable and explosive would just be suicidal.

      1. I’d also expect them to repress that sort of technology, as it’s a threat to your power. In the Mistborn books, gunpowder and crossbows were repressed because they were so easy to learn to use as compared to a bow and arrow, and the powers-that-be were intent on making it as difficult as possible for the underclass to rise up and provide a military threat to the ruling nobility. Something similar could have happened here… anyone who learned how to make gunpowder could have quietly “disappeared” and their homes burned down in “random acts of arson”.

        It’d explain why they’d eventually have to build finicky, error prone steam powered guns instead to get around the limitation.

  5. Hey they’re talking about captain borg hand aren’t they? I missed him, lol ^_^

  6. Just gotta say, love your style. Great expressions, amazing color & lighting, looking forward to much more 🙂

  7. The new style of yours is really stunning, congrats!
    And now that the plot thickens or how the hell this saying goes I am sure there is a stampede of new questions inbound within the next few pages >.<

    keep up the good wark

  8. Projectile machine… I don’t know why.. but I’ve fallen in love with this phrase.
    Speaking of love, your comic gets more amazing chapter by chapter!

  9. A… A P-projectile machine? WHAT SORCERY IS THI- oh wait. Um.

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