Guys, guys, IMPORTANT NEWS. Shawn Gaston over at Clockworks has gone and declared TopWebComics war on Red Moon Rising! Agghh! In English that means he’s decided his goal for March is to beat RMR on the TWC Top 100 voting thing. And since I make a point of squashing other people’s dreams, I’m fighting back. Shawn smells, vote for RMR! If you don’t, I will kick a puppy. An honest to god puppy.

He has also declared his fans to be cooler than you guys, which you should absolutely take as a personal insult.

Anyway, you can help the cause by voting daily for RMR over at TWC through this handy link. And what do you get for your troubles?

They don't love you like I love you.
It’s a maaaaaap!
I finally got around to drawing up a fancy map for the world Red Moon Rising takes place in, and you can only see it by voting. Horrible bribery or generous incentivising? Who cares, maaaaaap.


Page 143

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  1. That’s some insult indeed… i’m gonna vote every day from now on! damnit.

    Btw, this comic has wayyyyy more style and drama. Just so you know. 😀

    1. Yessssss! *high five* Thanks. 😀

  2. Don’t be fooled! Rose has already kicked tons of puppies, and she is mean and looks funny! Why would you vote for a mean, funny looking puppy kicker? Vote smart, vote Clockworks!

    1. Balderdash and poppycock! Take your propaganda eslewhere! A vote for Clockworks is a vote for dumb! DUMB I say! Get outta here! *pitchfork*

  3. Wooo!

    *runs around jumping on all the furniture*

    1. Oh god, get down from there! You’re ruining everything, EVERYTHING

      THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS *butterfly net*

      1. Gah, get ’im off, I’m going to have to clean the flat again now…

    2. I dont vote for hitatus. You want votes, you produce something. We comicreaders are neeeeedy. NEEEEDY! You got other and more importaint things to do, like paying rent. thats cool.
      But still no votes for clockworks.

  4. Ahaha, Nice Rose. I wish you luck in your battle for victory, I shall be there alongside to help 😀

  5. Ok ok, So I vote for DUMB and Kicking Puppies when I vote for both? Very well then. A vote for both is a vote for Kicking dumb puppies – and I’m for that… (now if it was kittens – there’d be trouble!) 🙂

    1. Dumb puppies are adorable, but probably less likely to seek retribution for the kicking in later life as compared to more intelligent puppies… so I guess I am ok with this.

      Kittens are, of course, made of fluff and magic. They’re also completely impervious to any sort of kicking by having the ability to make me collapse into a gibbering mess of “d’awww” at any given moment. Crafty.

  6. I’ve just been to the other website, and no offence to him, but I like your art better. So my vote goes into your big bag o’ votes, as I imagine it.

    And I do like maaaaaaps.

    1. Agreed

    2. Whoo! My big bag o’ votes is bottomless, much like my appreciation for my readers. Or the depths of Shawn’s rotting black soul.


  7. Oh it is ON! Clockworks is going DOWN (at least, slightly down from RMR on the voting list…)

    Cool map, too! I remember watching you sketch it out on live-stream; awesome to see the finished project!

    1. Awww yeah! Shawn brought this on himself, really.

      Man, good memory! I started it months ago, but only really finalised stuff and polished it up this week. Turned out a lot better than I had hoped, too.

  8. Hey Rose!

    I am voting for you every day! Multiple times a day, in fact, if my grasp of the refresh rate is accurate! Because I love it, and I love maps, and I love Lethe being moody in the cover pages.

    Also, I wish I could do that finger-coin-flip thing that he’s doing just now.

    1. Well, only one vote per day per IP address actually counts. But bonus points for being keen! Have a map!

      I wish I could do the finger coin flip thing too, but apparently we’re both rubbish.

      1. Well, its every 18 hours or something, which conveniently is either end of my day.

        1. Nah, I’m pretty sure it resets at 8am GMT every day. If it were every 18 hours it would be constantly drifting round the clock, which would be a bit weird. Kind of like my sleep schedule.

        2. Confusion reigns!

          As do moustaches! Lethe should clearly grow one while in solitude to establish his dominance of the situation.

  9. “He has also declared his fans to be cooler than you guys,”

    How am I suposed take that? Am I cooler than myself? Am I not as cool as myself? I read both comics and vote for both every day and I don’t want baby animals of any variaty to be injured and I still think the above statment may cause my head to explode and I kind of feel like curling into a little ball and wimpering right now and I think I’ll just vote for all my other comics so I don’t have to deal with this extrene confusion…

    1. Votes for everyone! Maybe you should just settle for being “cool” and not think too hard about it. But you do want to see my map, right? Riiiight?

  10. Clearly, people who are fans of both comics are cooler than people who are only fans of one or the other.

    1. I cautiously agree with this statement. Coolness is cumulative, not mutually exclusive.

      Shawn still smells, though.

  11. But Shawn’s avi has a fabulous honkin’ mustache? Gotta like a good mustache…

    Mustaches or maps…oy, you too are making it tough for those who like both comics!

    1. Fixed!

      You may also note that the mustache is expertly placed so that the city marker for Dakaia serves as an impromptu monocle.

  12. Love your comic and the fight between you and Shawn are enteraining!

    1. Cheers! Just remember, mustache < map < map with mustache.

  13. Usually I prefer Red Moon Rising, but I don’t like dogs so had to stop voting for RMR and go over to vote for clockworks. Let the puppy kicking commence!!! Mwuahahahaha!!!

    1. Just for that I’m not kicking a single puppy until you get over here and vote for RMR. Good day sir!

  14. I absolutely take this as a personal insult! I shall aide you in your battle for worl-TWC domination!…Also kicking puppies is bad (even though I am afraid of them).

  15. *signs up for the RMR domination campaign*
    Also… MAP! <3 <3 <3 Yay! Thank you!

  16. A personal affront!! He can’t say that about us or your comic. Kiss that top spot goodbye, pal!

  17. Is there, erm, any way to see this map now that the vote incentive has been long changed? Hehe ^_^;;;
    New reader here, and I’ve been missing all these vote incentives… makes me sad on the inside…

    1. Hi Slither! Making an archive of vote incentives so folks like you can see the old ones is pretty high up on my to do list, but in the meantime here’s a direct link to the map. 🙂

      1. Very cool (both the map and letting new readers see old incentives)!

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