Edit 11/3: In some sort amazing display of “fuck you” my desktop’s loaded up with viruses and my laptop’s hard drive has corrupted, in addition to my Windows install disc no longer working. Basically I no longer have a computer that actually works and I can’t even scan the lineart I’ve done for Thursday’s page. I’m updating this from a friend’s computer just to say that Thursday’s update is well and truly scuppered. Hopefully I can have some of this fixed by Monday. Sorry about this.

Man! You guys sure can hustle. The TWC war against Clockworks is going pretty spiffingly if I do say so myself! This is by far and away the highest placing RMR has ever had on TWC, I guess you guys really, really like maps or something. Don’t become complacent, though, it’s only the 8th and Shawn is crafty. Plus I will continue to kick puppies until victory is in the bag. Lots of puppies.

The vote incentive is still the map, but once I can actually log into TWC again (it appears to be broken right now) it’ll change. Success! Incentive updated. Sort of. It’s still the map, but in the interests of remaining fresh and competitive, I’ve added a mustache to it. OoooOooOo! Admit it, you’re intrigued.


Page 144

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  1. (Big sad eyes brimming with tears) There’s no mustache on the map after I voted. (Sniff.)

    Just kidding. I’ll see if it’s there later when I can vote again. 😉

    1. Fixed! Like I said, I couldn’t log in when I posted the update, but I managed to change it just now, so there you go. Mapstache.



    1. HOLY SHIT


      1. HOLY SHIT


        1. HOLY SHIT


        2. HOLY SHIT


          (I dunno on that count. The Ears for Elves crowd is pretty amazing…)

  3. (cheesy grin) I got to see the mustache map! 😉 Made my day dear!

  4. It is a very distinguished map.

    I love the light in today’s comic! And all the rest of them really, but especially today’s. Also, his eye at the bottom looks like my eye in a mirror when it catches the light. It looks normal and then all of a sudden ELECTRIC BLUE EVIL EYE

    1. If only we could all have such a fine mustache. And thanks! Haha, I like to try and pick out the light in the eyes, I guess it worked out in that panel.

  5. A map with a mustache, how awesome! It is agreed BEST MAP EVER!!!!

  6. I don’t know what the huge fuss is. The author of Clockworks greatly complemented this comic, and merely aspires to similar fame. So all the puppy kicking comments are really putting me off this comic.

    1. Oh man, you really need a humour bypass. I seriously didn’t think I needed to make this explicit, but ok, here goes:

      I really like Shawn and Clockworks and this contest between us is entirely well-intentioned and good spirited. We are buddies. These are jokes. It is jokey time. Both Shawn and I are fully aware of this.

      Also, no puppies were harmed in the making of this vote incentive.

      Good lord.

    2. I should note that I started the “Rose kicks puppies” joke, when coming up with random accusations to prove that she’s a bad person and thus you should vote for Clockworks. I also stated that she is a terrorist sympathizer, a raging alcoholic, and hates freedom. None of which is true.

      1. Well to be fair, she does hate freedom.

  7. A map with a mustache…now this is truly the stuff of legend.

    Another beautifully rendered page here – and it looks like the plot is about to thicken up a bit more as well. Can’t wait for Thursday!

    1. Indeed. Wish I had a mustache.

      Cheers! I think Thursday’s page should heavily imply the answer to one of the comic’s questions, at least.

  8. Behold! I have taken your puny comic and improved it a thousand-fold! You can thank me later when you adapt this new and amazing innovation to all of your future comics!


    1. I think we can all agree that this new version is a huge improvement, and much classier.

      1. Mustaches AND monocles, now that is PURE CLASS indeed.

    2. I just died laughing. I’m dead now. My restless spirit is typing this comment.

      There should be a whole parody comic where someone just does that. It would be called “Mustache Moon Rising”.

  9. (grabs some popcorn, settles in the recliner and watches the ever so loving taunting in the vote wars between the comics…much better than TV!) :{D

  10. If I’m not mistaken, Imara looks quite the gentleman these days, mmm?
    -adjusts monocle-

  11. >.> Awesome map is awesome…though it could now use a top hat and tie just to finish it up.

    Great comic and well drawn.

  12. I am behind on teh comment.

    I am also kind of eager for this chapter. Can’t explain why!

    If you give me the names and numbers of all those viruses that screwed your PC, I’ll go to their houses and beat them all up.

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