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  1. You’ve not lost me, I’ve never read/watched/played Final Fantasy. I’m not even quite sure what it is.

    When they’re into the 13th edition of anything, you’ve got to assume they’re milking it a bit. Unless it’s a textbook.

    1. …no, if it’s a textbook, then you *know* that they’re milking it COMPLETELY! 😉

  2. It’s something I want to play, since I’ve never played a “proper” FF game and the plot looks intriguing to me. However, as a JRPG, I fully expect rampant melodrama and several gallons of wierd.

    1. Play the Final Fantasy IV remake for DS. It’s fantastic.

  3. Nah, you haven’t lost me! ;P I’m not sure WHY I find the final fantasy games so very attractive — they are quite dumb I suppose…huh, and you know I think XIII is my favorite? None of the games are sequential either — I think I just enjoy leveling up and winning battles really, as well as all of the side quests. The story is interesting, but extremely melodramatic. 🙂

  4. Unlost reader reporting. Haven’t played a Final Fantasy game since X. Or VII:CC, as it were.

    Also, I find the way Lethe is dressed strangely compelling… 😮

    1. Oh, you know…me too. Mmm…fashion.

  5. As the eventual plot of Clockworks will one day reveal, I’m a big FF nerd. I still have a box somewhere with the action figures from FF8 that I bought back in the day. Oh yeah.

    I haven’t played anything since 10, though. One of these days I’ll actually own an XBox or PS3 and remedy that. One day. Maybe.

  6. FFXIII is, in short, FFX on drugs and visual steroids.

    It isn’t my Favourite FF by far, It’s going to have to do some awesome shit to top FF6, but it ain’t FF8 and thus banished to discontinuity by myself via the wonders of TIME COMPRESSION!!!.

    If it reaches par (which for me is somewhere around FF5,7 or 9) then that would be five pounds (and several games I was done with) well spent.

  7. Oh well, some game critics now and then don’t hurt, as long as they are justified. Even great series have some missteps. Like Zelda Windwaker. I’ts a great game but hell, it looks like a 70’s cartoon from the czech republik.

    If you need some assistance with your hardware, send me a mail. Maybe I can come up with something usefull.

  8. Addictive wavelength is the secret of FFXIII, I am pretty sure about this xD

    and it is dumb…the story follows a single line, with no variatys except a SHORTCUT
    no sidelines, nothing.
    I couldn’t be more dumb…

  9. I both love your comic and enjoy FFXIII. Anyone you’d lose would be foolish to leave. I’ve played most of the Final Fantasies, VIII + IX + XII are favorites, spent most of my life in XI. I am watching my husband play XIII and find it to be quite good. It reads more like a pretty book, in a very straight line with some flashbacks and switching between groups of main characters doing something interesting. It’d probably be a lot more appealing to many people if they weren’t running the whole time. I get they wanted you to jump right into the action, and it certainly feels active, but my husband is already on the third disc of the 360 version. I hear there are sidequests and things to do eventually..

  10. Wait, wtf just happened, HOW THE HECK DOES LETHE KNOW RENSHOU!! Is no one else freaking out here with this development? Is this implying what I think it is, Miss Loughran?!

    And on the RPG account, SNES’ Secret of Mana for the win, all the way.

    1. You are totally not the only one freaking out over implications! I got a big dumb grin on my face. Then I had to come back here today just to make sure of it all.

    2. Aaaah, I know!!! Maybe we’ll get some more lovely character relations 😀 This is exciting.

    3. I did not freak out, no, because I suspected all along 😉 I just smiled quietly to myself..

    4. Is it not more interesting that Sai knows that Lethe would know Renshou?

  11. As an IT Tech I can tell you one thing for certain:

    Computers ARE sentient. They plan out when the best time would be to ruin our lives.

    (They’re always watching us… ALWAYS…) >.> <.<

    1. Dude, I’ve read a book specifically about how Murphy’s law is optimized by computers to strike at the most unpleasant time possible. But several backups, a redundant system here and there and with a little bit of luck you still can work through the day.

  12. Well, I was lost already – that’s what happens when I wander, I think it’s a good thing. Being disoriented in the absence of mundane contrivance. as long as I don’t start throwing monkey-clubs, then I guess I’m alright.

    Perish the laptop! But Y’know thought, if you need to recover what data is on the hard-drives, from the laptop – assuming it wasn’t a hard-drive crash, which I think would be safe to assume – I hear that there are some kind of peripherals around, such that can effectively make a USB external storage device out of a laptop hard drive – just plugging the hard drive into the device. I’d like to think NewEgg would have ’em, or I have no idea, honestly, as far as what to search for ’em under (“usb laptop hard-drive??”) but I have it on solid authority that such a kind of thing does exist. Just haven’t had to look for it, yet, myself.

    To the wonders of the technological workaround! Cheers!

  13. Never played a FF game and have to admit I’ve never wanted to. I have played most of the Elder Scrolls games and am a big fan of those, also Baldurs Gate and Ultima Underworld….now that’s going back a few years…:)

  14. Amusing that, nearly 7 years later, as I reread this I am also playing FF XIII for the first time – it’s my usual policy to leave games until they become old news before playing them, that way I stay a bit apart from the fearsome fandom.

    XIII… is mixed, in my opinion. Not up to the mark of my favourite titles – X, XII – nor, probably, VII and VIII, which are next on my list. Still, before this I was playing some infernal abomination called X-2. So all things in perspective, I quite like it still. Its pretty and has some sttong characters, especially the women. A story with a strong, independent, and apparently asexual female lead gets an an automatic pass from me… gender traitor that I am. 🙂

  15. Page related comment:

    “A friend of Renshou”… very restrained of him. As opposed to, say, “her husband, and playing father to your son you randy git.”

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