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  1. Shiny data is shiny?
    Nice effect with the glow of this thing by the way^^
    Did Sai get shocked and his magic protected him or what is going on with the “magic-glowing-lines” on his face?
    Well, I guess my guess was right and the plot keeps thickening o.O

    1. I think the glowing lines on his face are a reaction to the magic information stick.

      And the glow looks wicked cool. 😀

    2. I think the glowing lines on his face are connected with his magic. As in, in previous chapters when the glowing face lines appeared on a character they were using their magic. It looks a bit like Lethe’s information stick thingy had a rune on it when Sai first touched it, which looks a bit like one of the runes on Sai’s face.

  2. I’m pretty much in love with stubble guy.

    Universities are basically evil; they give you enough work to sink a ship and they charge you an arm and a leg for it, and then when you get out you apparently still can’t get a job. Not exactly a square deal

  3. Shiny Data is the best kind of data.

  4. Loving where this is all going. Also loving this page. The storytelling/composition is perfect and the art is gorgeous. This is hands down my favorite page of the run so far.

  5. Arghh University SERIOUSLY. Much sympathy with that statement here.

    Hope it doesn’t mess around with you too much!

  6. I don’t know, but when I see this, I have to think of –

    Lethe : “Airin, I am your father.”

  7. Saiamar: “…and what’s this supposed to be?”

    Lethe: “Glow-in-the-dark cigarette. Duh.”

  8. In the original version, it was just a sweet magical glowstick. Lethe was on his way across the continent to go to a really pumpin’ rave.

    Wisely Rose decided to change it.

  9. GLOWING USB STICK! Why doesn’t mine glow like that?

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