I think this page might well be the biggest art disaster I’ve had since page 21 in which I ended up redrawing three quarters of the page. This wasn’t quite as bad, but for some reason it’s ridiculously hard to draw someone with their foot up on their knee. Much harder than drawing an airship landing as it turns out. Who would have thought?

When I couldn’t get it drawn in pencil, I resorted to sketching with watercolours, and when that turned into a mess, I scanned said mess and drew over in Photoshop for about 12 hours until it stopped looking like a mess. Then, typically, I spent less than two hours on the colouring, and it was done. I swear, if I could just hire someone to do the lineart, I could update daily.

Also, somewhere in the middle of that I managed to slam a door shut on my drawing hand*. This slowed things down considerably, as you might imagine. /whine

*Note from the future: My hand recovered within mere days, despite the whining.


Page 150

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  1. Rose, between your career as a superhero and secret identity as a webcomic artist you amaze me when you complain about something I think looks fucking cool. I’d hate you for it if you weren’t awesome.

    1. Well, the problem isn’t so much the final product as how long it freaking took and also the whole hand slamming incident and having to keep drawing after that happened. The page was equal parts painful and frustrating, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end.

  2. I hope your hand feels better soon! Slamming it in door = ouch!

    Despite the setbacks – I enjoyed the page. His look is priceless!

    1. Thanks! It’s feeling a bit better now that I’ve had the chance to let it rest for a few hours.

  3. Despite the setbacks, I absolutely love this page. I think it’s one of my favorites. Possibly because there’s no dialogue; by this part of the comic, we understand the two characters’ personalities, we see the way they play into the situation, we “get” it. No words needed. Beautiful in its simplicity.

  4. Oh dude, you could have totally reposted the last page only with crude mustaches drawn on everyone and gone “April Fools!” and given yourself some time to get over the hand thing/finish the comic. We wouldn’t have known any different.

    Thanks for battling through anyway, though! Is she deactivating the ankle thing in the last panel, or just closing some sort of cover over it? I can’t quite tell.

    1. Pretty much, yeah. Not that we don’t appreciate this fantastic page.


      It’s not too late for last-comic-with-mustaches though.

  5. It is not a good hand day! I managed to run a lift over my thumb. Somehow. (A device for getting someone from their wheelchair to something else.) Hope your hand’s feeling better now! Oy!

    Twelve hours. This is why I only color, you see. (dies) But it pays off, your lineart has a unique quality to it that stands out among webcomics.

  6. I actually really like this one. It’s easily the funniest RMR in months (which, you know, humor isn’t usually your goal) and I think the art came out fine. But man do I know the horror of a page that took so long that all you can see are the things you’re still not happy with.

    For example: http://shawntionary.com/clockworks/?p=1072 what the fuck is up with Ophelia’s hand in the last panel? Seriously, that’s about the only thing I see on the whole page. Also, the first panel, where her arms clearly do not line up with her hair. What the hell is she doing?

    Anyway, the good news is to the rest of us this page looks perfectly fine.

  7. he he he … i was wondering what those sounds were 🙂

    The end result is great, and i can’t see any mistakes (but i am not an artist – so what the F do i know 🙂 )
    hope your hand feels better. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Panel 5:
    You won’t tell it Danil, will you?

    Panel 6
    If you break this thing it will cost us my rank and your salary.

    Panel 7:

    Anyhow, great page. Glowing Magic gadgedts! (or is it Mechanical? I would imagine that a small steamengine at your ankle could get quite hot)

    1. this is EXACTLY what’s going on, I can just see that coming out of their mouths. I love that they just don’t need the dialogue though.

  9. Wow! Talk about being hard on yourself! You’re drawing hand is injured and you still turn out an amazing page like this! *Is impressed* I know how you feel with that, I damaged my not-drawing hand a couple years ago and my little girl smacked it a good one yesterday, it’s all purple and swollen again, and should be in a brace, but I can’t find the darn thing! Anyway, my point was, I can’t draw when I’m in pain, which is most of the time, at ALL! So I envy you amazing artists that push through and get the job done when you slam your dominant hand in a freaking door! Kudoes! Also, I found this comic today. I love your art, it’s very unique.

  10. Galak’s expression is absolutely epic. That is all.

  11. I always say to myself “if I could hire someone to do the coloring I could update daily” too… but gawd coloring is something i just want to get so much faster at myself.

    Colors + lines on this page are great 😀 You can barely tell you smashed your own hand!

  12. Despite your difficulties, I do love the end result, particularly the final, ’I’M not doing anything…’ panel 😀

  13. This has to be my favorite page to date, despite you saying it’s a mess. I adore the last 4 panels, well worth the effort as I don’t seem to be the only one. 🙂

  14. This comic is amazing – I can’t get over how expressive your characters are! Gratz and please keep up the good work!

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