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  1. *Stares at last panel*

    I think you earned the right to flail with that panel.

    1. I actually had more problems with the second panel, haha. Drawing movement is harder for me than big environment shots at this point, I think I need to go away and practice a bit.

  2. really enjoy this comic!
    story lines comming along nicely and the art is great.
    keep up the good work =)

    1. Thank you! I think the story’s about to really kick off, I’m looking forward to working on this chapter and the next one.

  3. That’s last panel is amazing!

  4. I <3 the shadowy Galak in panel 3… somehow that just really shows the atmosphere of the ship. Like it's always smoky and hazy or something. Nice.

    1. Smoky and hazy is heaps easier to paint I am art genius. Having a bit of haze over everything is a good shorthand for distance, plus it’s fairly appropriate for the ship, I thought. 🙂

  5. *silence* kzt…kzt..

    Well, he really seems to be unhappy.
    and she doesn’t seem to be acknowledging that the things she does could effect Galaks live.

    I really like the sun breaking through the clouds \o0/

    hooray for awesome art.

    1. I think by the end of this chapter it’s going to be a moot point. Just sayyying

  6. She just can’t resist, can she? Ha ha!

  7. I like this guy. I love your environment shots~~

  8. Okay, so Galak… what color is his hair? Going back and forth through the comic, it seems to change from blond to red to brown, and then back again. [confuzzled]

    That last panel is amazing.

    1. Galak’s hair is actually just a mid-tone brown, I think the strong coloured lighting that I have in pretty much every scene is probably what’s confusing you. Sorry! 🙂 I tend to have coloured lighting over everything, and the ambient colour schemes usually override the basic colours. Just a quirk of my colouring method, I think. Since Galak’s hair colour is fairly neutral, it tends to flail about all over the place. Red light makes it look red, yellow light makes it look blonde…

      1. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂 Galak’s probably my favourite character. I love how he’s always where she doesn’t want him to be.

  9. Yay for silent comics!

  10. Wonderfull art. And completly silent, except for the last panel. This gave such a powerfull impression of the ambiance on the ship, of the relations between characters. There are so much unspeaking things going on.
    Maybe I am completly wrong (I will found out soon), but the main thing I see on this page (except from the great work) is that he left without taking the “stick” (sorry for that, my english is not so good and I couldn’t begin to find a translation for it) away, probably knowing full well that she will use it. And I had the impression she was quite surprised about it. That’s was my interpretation.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Rita. 🙂 As for your interpretation of the page, it’s completely accurate. That’s exactly what is happening.

    2. I completely agree. Masterful artwork and storytelling.

      Thank you. 🙂

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