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  1. Your teasing does not seem likely, on account of that hand not being overtly mechanical, and the tone being the same skintone as Galak making it unlikely to be a glove.

    Yet part of me very much wants it to be true! D:

    1. well…. you can just sew new bodyparts on zombies, can’t you?
      So the Colonel just got himself a new han-

      stop teasing us Rose xD

      On another not… in the tiny corner right above her face… shouldn’t it be filled with the assilant’s torso?
      Just guessing, cause I don#t know in wich position he/she/it stands o.O

      1. That is clearly what is going on here. Though it is harder to replace a broken heart. ;_;

        And yes, probably. I think I just forgot to shade it in, it would’ve been a slightly darker green than it is now. Comic ruined. D:

    2. I was just checking if you guys were paying attention. Though Jef is right, maybe he just got a new hand. And is running around with a knife for no good reason. Why not.

  2. Apparently this has been a bad day to not have throat insurance.

    1. Also explosion insurance and dramatic cold rain insurance.

      1. The dramatic cold rain insurance is THE insurance I would buy first if I would be lving in a world spawned by you Rose ^^

        A world where “drought” means either magic-induced sun breaking though or any kind of “dramatic light made by the sun/moon (sorry, no clouds)”

        But it explains where the get all their water from for their stemaounk gear xD

  3. ah i forgot about colonel mechanical hand! to bad thats not the right hand 🙁 also the previous page got me pumped for some ass-kicking!

    1. It could be the right hand if you BELIEVED harder. Also, I suspect you are not going to be disappointed.

  4. Gah! All these cliffhangers! Why?!

    ’Us’. The rebels?

    1. Because I’m a terrible, terrible person, clearly. Guess you’ll just have to wait until Thursday. 😀

      1. I need a time machine. T.T

  5. A shame. I was looking foreward to seeing a third degree burn shaped like a hand… Ah well, we’ve still got plenty of comic to go.

    Also, that either isn’t the Col., he grew a new hand, or you mixed up which hand is prosthetic. So… One must conclude THAT, is in fact NOT, the Mr. “Go fish”. STOP TORMENTING US ROSE! IT WAS BAD ENOUGH YOU TOOK HIM FROM US SO QUICKLY IN THE FIRST PLACE! *sobs in corner*

    1. Euggghh, I’d rather not have to draw any third degree burns at all if I can help it, hand-shaped or otherwise. Those things are pretty nasty. Also, it was like 60 pages ago. You gotta move on, man. 🙁

      1. But if you do it, knowing your attention to detail, everyone will vomit at their computers. Don’t you want everyone to vomit from how awesome you are?

      2. He had a mechanical hand, an awesome line, and a beard MADE OF AWESOME. How are we ever to recover from the loss of such a magnificent beard? HOW, I ask you?

  6. If the knife-person was someone they had been running from (whoever that might be), I have no clue why Galak wouldn’t have seen him/her coming from a good distance. If he was setting her up the whole time, first question WHY, and second question how could he have anticipated they would be standing here so long?

    In other words it has to be a ghost. Ghosts have better beards than zombies anyway. Ask Hamlet.

  7. *watches the voting incentive image and stumbles out of the chair.

    and, congratulations!

  8. Congratulations on graduating!

    (and by the way, I’ve been following this comic for a couple of months now and I love it :D)

  9. Oh noes! The ’Next’ button is BROKEN!!!
    And it’s neat how the hair makes the blood make patterns.

  10. Panel 3: far away view of the pair

    1. (AHHH! I hit the wrong button!) Panel 4: I see mystery human shape in corner.

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