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  1. Peroxide and pancake makeup will be her saviour!

  2. Panel 2 face as a wallpaper.

    Make it happen.


  3. So… how do they know he’s apparently dead? Or is it just ’presumed dead’?
    Anyway, this is probably my second favourite page. OwO If someone entered the room and told me that I’m dead, I would take that opportunity to wreak as much havoc as possible… all the while blaming it on a malevolent ghost. Muahaha!

    Rhea is quickly becoming a favourite character.

    1. To my mind, if there’s a massive explosion on a ship and then afterwards you can’t find one of the… sailors? Air sailors? Whatever… then assuming he was killed in the explosion seems pretty reasonable. Particularly if he was a good rebel, so he concealed himself well enough to just blend in with the rest of the men onboard.

      1. Airship Pirates!!! (Sorry, I listen to Abney Park too much.)

        Anyway, I was thinking of all the people that I saw in the backgrounds during the ’escape’ scene, and if one or two of them might have seen Galak and Adrianna leaving. Although, I suppose in the confusion of fire, flames, smoke, and more fire, things can get crazy…

  4. Dead and famous!
    All the REALLY important people in the world are!
    Except Elvis, because, you know…

  5. I really like panel one for some reason.

    how are you finding NZ? you haven’t been forced to spend too much time in Auckland?

  6. Heh, I like Rhea’s style.

    @Ink: It could be they know he’s defected, and for propaganda purposes have announced him dead.

  7. Okay, so what the bad news? (I kid, I kid)

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