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  1. Woo, Rotorua. I live pretty close to there.

    Enjoy your flight back, hope it doesn’t leave you too jetlagged.

  2. Wasn’t aware you needed fanart. Are you looking for fillers?

    1. I am! I’m flying from New Zealand back to the UK next weekend and I’m going to be pretty jetlagged come Monday, so I could do with some filler art or anything really to plug the gap until I can get back to updating.

  3. Sadly I lack almost any artistic talent. I hope someone who does steps up.

  4. And she’s in. Took some time convincing, but I’m altogether pleasantly surprised. She’s less mulish than I thought.

    – – – – –

    If you’re anywhere near Rotorua, you’ll smell it before you see it. It’s a great place for holidays though, once you get over the sulphury ye-godz-did-something-crawl-in-here-and-crap-itself-before-dying smell. After a few hours, you won’t notice a thing, and then its lake and hot pools and cultural tourism all the way.

  5. The adventure continues…
    I really like where this is going!

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