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  1. Wow, AMAZING rock texture!

    1. Signed, Awesome work Rose 😀
      On another note: caves like this wouldn’t exist in Scotland. They would be flooded permanently.
      And everyone who is used to the rain in Ashul (was it? I think so) would fear for their live in sucha cave.

  2. Nice beachfront scenes. And the transition between the first to panels is creative.
    . . .
    I can easily sympathise with Adrianna there – I had a mortal fear of tidal caves throughout my childhood. It’s what claustrophobia+fear of drowing would result in, I guess.

  3. Nice page, I like the texture of the rock of course and how the shape of the rock is used to divide the top panel. It’s good that you didn’t lose any data. The thing to always remember is that any and all hard drives WILL fail, somewhere and sometime. That said, backing up is one of those tasks that is left until one day it’s too late.

  4. Some other comic artist actually had that happen to them. Didn’t back up their files, and poof! Sad. At least you were smart enough to make a backup :3. You might want to scan for viruses. Your computer shouldn’t do that by it’s self. o.O

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh man I am so glad you backed that up, haha. That would have sucked so bad.

  6. Is the last panel supposed to read “Oh God.”, or “Oh good.”. I ask because I always thought you have to capitalize the word God, unless there’s some funny rules I don’t know about. That and a slightly sarcastic “Oh good.” comment would fit Adrianna as well. However she does appear to be a bit meek there, so I have no idea. =x

  7. Eiríkr Útlendi

    Generally speaking, “God” = Christian god, “god” = some other god. Adrianna’s lower-case “god” indicates that she’s probably not talking about Christianity. 🙂

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