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  1. I love that face in panel two.

  2. Pffffffface!!! [dies laughing]

    [resurrects] The last panel was hilarious, too.

    [dies laughing again]

  3. I think he’s startled and dismayed that she ruined his mysterious face with full light D:

  4. I totally love Galak in this page, from the first to the last panel.
    “I am never going to get used to that.” with that expression is hilarious

  5. Gotta love his O_o look.

  6. So many wallpaperworthy panels in this strip.

    SO MANY.

  7. Galak thaught she’d show her affection and thus was terrified.
    …but I think he’s still in her *punch to the face*-zone, and didn’t manage to get to the *igniting the back of your jacket*-base


    Awesome page as usual xD

  8. Awome face, nice foof too. Remember for everything else there is foof!

    Also real flames are romantic. a romantic cave escape! Awwww :3

  9. That’s actually a pretty impressive amount of fire, considering I thought she was only able to light cigarettes. Has she been holding out, or has she improved?

    And incidentally, I like the “FOOM” and the startled expression- I had no idea what happened at first.

    1. actually, somewhere a few pages ago she threatened Galak to “burn his face clean off”, so either her pyrokinesis is weak but actually useful, or the full-blown power is incredibly powerful…

      [wow that was me making theories about a webcomic – and repetitions, never forget repetitions]

  10. i just wanted you to know. i should have gone to bed four hours ago. but i discovered your comic and was instantly obsessed.

    goddamn you and your awesome story and me having to be to work in ten hours…. >_>

  11. Me neither, Galak. My first thought was: did something explode? Most of the time, I completely forget she can do that. I think that´s a good thing that comes from your comic having such realistic feel. On instances when there´s sudden magic blazing at us it always feels strange and kind of eerie, which I think magic should be.

  12. you kinda forget, what with everyone talking about how weak her magic is, that she can still summon freaking fire in her hands. also, the way its drawn looks really cool.

  13. I honestly clicked the ’next’ button about four times before realising that I’d got to the end of the updates. It’s been a helluva journey…can’t wait for more.

  14. … for everything else, there’s FOOM.


  15. you should soo put the panel that says “what? it’s dark.” on a shirt. or a print. or something I can buy.

  16. At first I thought the cave entrance had collapsed.

  17. Hmm looks like her magi symbol’s a little bigger now too. 50/50 on it being a trick of the light or actual improvement as she Has been using it a lot more.

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