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  1. Ha! I really love the pacing of those top 4 panels.

    Particularly 3 and 4, I like that the water is not visible until there is a giant splash.

  2. I love the indifference on Bracken’s face.

  3. splash!

  4. And we still don´t know her name?! Come on, drop us her name, they are all part of the same gang for a while now!

    1. Her name is Rhea.

      1. *Search trough the archive* Oh, right! Yes, page 161. Thanks.

  5. The End.

    1. This in conjunction with the comic itself had me laughing to tears.

  6. [maniacal laughter]

    I wonder, if Adrianna had never punched Rhea, would she still have been shoved into the water?

    Meh well. In the third-to-last panel, I was hoping Galak was going to do the same to Rhea…

  7. Wow! The facial expressions, the splash, the surface of the water in panel 6, it’s all amazing! Rose, you continually stun me with your talent.

  8. I like this Rhea. Love the comic! Keep up the good work! :3

  9. Hehehe! I love the last three. “Blorp” Has to be one of the most awesome sound effects ever!

    I sense punchings in the future. 🙂

  10. Galak’s face… Is just epic.

  11. The big question is what will her revenge be?

  12. And so Rhea joins Adrianna and Danil amongs the perpetrators of random and unprovoked violence, of which there seems to be a lot in this comic. Maybe a Scottish thing? ;P

    Really love the expressions too. Those last panels are priceless.

  13. …soo… if she was the mage and had the magelight in her hand, where is the light reflecting on the faces of the three left on the cliff coming from?

    1. Bracken is also holding a lantern. You can see it a few pages ago

  14. Wow, Adrianna is gonna develop some serious trust issues! Beautiful work!

  15. lol.. do we get to see her in a ’wet cat’ expression next? =D.. that would complete the whole ’here’s how you learn to swim’ theeme rather well hehe.

    1. I vote too for an Adrianna painting with a furious “wet cat” expression. To be used as a desktop wallpaper for 15’’ of awesomeness!

  16. i justrealized.. blonde sword guy looks like me…he has a pony tail right?

  17. “That is the sigh of someone who knows they’re not going to get to stab any mages today god dammit life is so unfair”

    Yet it was the sigh of someone who managed to DROWN a mage today, life is getting a little more fair now!
    I am falling for these characters. They are friggin’ awesome.

  18. I’ve never really commented before, but this piece of epic fail just needed a comment.

    Bloody brilliant! That’s sadly how I learned how to swim, I got thrown in the pool followed shortly thereafter by my mother who floated around with me on her stomach.

    Huzzah for crash courses!

  19. “And everyone except Adrianna lived (somewhat) happily ever after. The end.” (jk)

    I loved that dead panned expression on Galak’s face in the last panel, I can imagine Rhea feeling a little nervous right now. I think she expected Adrianna to somehow get super awesome swimming powers from her dad, who happens to be a magic fueled merman? (jk)

    I have a feeling Adrianna will become an excellent swimmer before the comic ends, especially if this trend continues.

  20. OK where did Hado go? Don’t tell me he’s off buying more salt!

  21. “I can’t swim.”
    “Really? Well, now I’m going to tell you a story.”
    “Wow, that was a neat story.”
    “Yes it was. *shove*”
    “Huh. D’you think she meant it when she said she couldn’t swim?”

    I LOVE that. Granted, I would probably throttle anyone who tried it with me (assuming I lived) but eventually I would find it funny because I’m that kind of person.

  22. Well there is a difference in learning to swim at a pool, vs learning to swim while fully clothed in winter clothing. Try it sometime. Unless you know what you are doing, the clothes will pull you under even if you know how to swim.

    1. I know what you mean. Having gone through boot camp in the Navy, I can tell you swimming with clothes on is no fun. You can do it, but it is almost three times harder. I had to do it for my finals. It was to simulate an abandon ship situation. I had to jump from the side of the pool out as far as possible and then stay afloat without assistance for as long as possible. I barely qualified as a class 4 swimmer (least likely to need dry clothes in a real emergency).

  23. Ah yes, the cavern water escape. Ala 13th Warrior and many others. Bad guys are so gullible.

  24. Haha… too funny. Love the “blorp”

  25. Hmm…I’ll bet she’s convinced they’re bringing her here to die now.

  26. “And so the heroine ended, not with a bang, but with a… blorp?”

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