A bunch of things! Firstly there’s a new vote incentive which is a quick painting of Lethe since I’m trying to get back into the way of painting stuff and I got some sweeeet new brushes.

Secondly! The Comic Creators Alliance is happening again this year. For those of you that missed it last year, it’s an initiative headed up by Lora Innes where webcomic creators donate a small piece of art to be compiled into a wallpaper that’s then available for download through donation, with the money going to various good causes. If you’re a webcomic creator you should check it out, and I’ll be letting you know when the wallpaper is available!

Thirdly! I rearranged the sidebars on the site a bit so everything should load a bit quicker. I also added a twitter and formspring widget on the bottom left there because some people had been asking for them for whatever reason.

I usually make comic-related announcements on twitter, so if the page is spectacularly late you can probably find out what kind of bus ran me over by checking my twitter feed. Formspring is for asking me stupid (or occasionally non-stupid) questions, so if you want to find out something about the comic or whatever, have at. Also, I did up the archive page a bit, so if it looks dumb or broken please let me know.


Page 210

0 thoughts on “Page 210

  1. Short flashback is short. 🙁

    Also, if Rhea does not shove Adrianna into the water, I will be highly disappointed.

  2. Wait a minute, does Lethe have heterochromia? (Different colored eyes)

  3. Wow, you really nailed this page. Well done!

  4. … and there is a 95% probability of soaking wet mage in the near future. Now back over to Bob…

  5. This page has some real personality. Well worth the wait. I must say I’m loving this side of the story so far.

  6. “So why’d you saw the arm off a statue?”
    “I was bored. Isn’t that what you do when you’re bored?”
    “…I light things on fire. I thought everybody did that…”

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