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  1. Congratulations!
    For this awesome page I mean.
    Glowy Crystal of Information +1, Bloody sword of *maybe I am wounded* +2,
    and of course: awesome page number.

  2. Congrats on the big 200!! *giant fanfare and fireworks*

    Uhoh, a bloody knife from an attempted assassination is NEVER a good sign, especially if you’re the target of said attempted assassination.

    Ack! He almost got the glowy thing! The glowy thing that contains information, and then he failed.

    Love the blur in the second panel, really adds to the motion in the action scene.

    1. Thanks! I probably should have made it more of an event, but oh well. There’s still the two year anniversary on Wednesday. *scratches chin* Ah, who am I kidding.

      Nahhh, it’s fine! I’m sure it’s just ketchup or something. Saiamar’s totally cool.

      1. Magistrate of Mediocrity

        Oh, why must you lie to us so? =C

  3. Pulling the sword to the left and behind you so they can’t stab you with it? Good for your immediate well-being. Not so good for the diplomat standing to the left and behind you.

    1. Could complicate some matters… could de-complicate others, what with lineages and all.

    2. Oh, I’m sure Saiamar ninja dodged out the way. Positive.

  4. Uh-oh! Did his companion get the stab? Was his companion Saiamar?

  5. O_O Please don’t tell me that’s Saiamar’s blood.

  6. Apparently, in the failed execution of that assassination (or was it failed?!), the dude lost his army status. His armband has disappeared. o.O

    1. I thought he left that in Ashul?

      1. I meant the ’assassin’.

        1. Ah, true… the red scarf goes puff.
          Doesn’t cover the armband though. As far as I remember at least, on the boat the other one took his off, and no armband underneath.
          A bit obvious for an infiltration mission, otherwise.

    2. Ohhh. Derp derp. You’re right, somehow I forgot to draw that in every single panel in this page. Amazing. I’ll try and get that fixed over the next week or so, haha.

  7. Yay! *Waves flag happily* I shall raise a toast in your honor. Congratulations of 200 pages of awesome! This calls for a reread! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Hope it’s still good a second time through.

  8. Congratulations on the 200th page, and may there be many many more! *fireworks*

    1. Cheers! 😀 Fireworks, hell yeah.

  9. **Raises glass.

    To 200 more!

    1. Thanks! You bet there’s going to be 200 more, haha.

    sry i just started reading and i just reached the end now when it was getting really good X_X
    i love your art, the humor (exactly my type :), and just about everything else!!!

    1. Thanks very much! And sorry about that, I’m drawing pages as fast as I can right now. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it, though.

  11. Speaking of backlogs, the Archives are broken, stops ticking sometime before the christmas tutorials.

    1. That’s actually a pretty common occurrence since I have to update my archive manually, which basically equates to “whenever I remember”. Basically I just hope no one notices and updates it every couple of weeks. I guess it’s a bit overdue now, though.

      1. Ah, I see – no sweat then.
        A compromise would be to have just the links to the chapter title pages. It would help, but hopefully not take forever.
        I think we’d all rather click through the whole thing than have to wait longer for updates on account of archivism 😉

  12. Yay! *Party popper*

    1. *party popper* I love these things.

  13. Aw, damn, I’m caught up. I know you hear it from every newcomer, but I’m sure it can’t hurt to hear it again: This comic is fantastic. It’s got gorgeous art, an interesting story, and engaging characters. I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thank you very much! I always like to hear from new readers, and it makes me happy that it seems that the comic reads pretty well in one big go, which was really always the intention. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  14. Happy 200th comic! Or whatever we should say! 🙂
    I wish you such a success for the next 200 pages too!

  15. 200 pages of goodness. Well done!

  16. Why do I allow myself to become attached to your characters? -_-

    Also, happy 200.

  17. Yay, ready for the 400th! 😀 Let’s party!
    How long do you plan it to be? Or no plans? :]
    By the way I’ve re-read the whole comic from the beginning and you’ve made awesome progress since the first few pages (not that they aren’t damn cool either).

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