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Page 220

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  1. Not ketchup then? Darn, would have been so classy to have a blade made out of ketchup or something.

    Can’t wait for the next update!

    1. Oh, it’s fine, Saiamar was just carrying about a bunch of ketchup sachets in his pocket, which happened to be cut open by the guy’s knife. He’s just really upset about it.

      1. Yeah, I’ll bet, now how is he going to add flavor to his food. Poor guy 🙁 I hate eating some meals without ketchup (like hotdogs . . . steak . . . . green beans . . .) He’s missing out.

  2. OH SNAP! No freakin’ way, can’t wait to see what happens next.

    I’ll be on the edge of my seat ’till Wednesday lol.

    1. Er, well, I wasn’t kidding about that new scene thing. surrrppriiise ¯\(°_o)/¯

  3. How could this happen?! Was Saiamar some kind of Lethe’s magic shield, or what?

    And now I see why he is in the Secondary Characters section, he wasn’t supposed to stay long…

    1. Nah, check the first page of the fight. Lethe does not deflect the thrust, he kind of sidesteps it while draggig the swordarm past him so that the thrust ends way further behind him than intended by his oponent. Pretty good way to dodge an attack, except for anyone who stands behind you gets surprise blade-in-the-guts.

      1. Just as Kosake said, Lethe got careless and Saiamar got unlucky.

        1. Oh yeah? That sounds mighty convenient – for you!
          You have blood on your pencil… or ketchup, as the case may be.
          On that note, is it ok to have ketchup with haggis? I mean – is it sacrilege, or is it sacrilicious?

        2. Tru fax: I once had Burns Night supper with some Polish friends, and they put ketchup on their haggis. I think my eyes bugged out a bit.

          So, er… no. Why would you even do that oh god

      2. Yeah, I see it now, thanks for explanation! Poor Saimar…

  4. No! I like Saiamar. 🙁 Of course, it doesn’t have to be fatal… though it looks like it could have pierced a lung. Are there healer mages?

    Dangit, Saiamar, why aren’t you a ninja?!

    1. Thats not the lungh. Judging by the position of the ribcage and the location of the sauce, the blade entered the belly, quite a bit to the right. May be just a scratch on the ribs if dude’s lucky, but may have also penetrated his liver, kidneys or maybe even the stomach, depending on the position. Any of that and life expectancy basically dops to two minutes, tops.

      1. Ha, I was thinking the same. Except for the liver part. Liver doesn’t cross my mind that much. The sword was a bit red for “just a scratch”, although I’m hoping the dude’s lucky.

        1. Could be all sorts of things; Lungs go pretty far down, so that’s one. Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Entrails… Haggis, for short. 🙂

        2. Hell yes! I love haggis. I’m like a walking Scottish stereotype, but it’s true.

        3. Now, sad as it may be, I don’t have much first hand experience in chopping people up with swords. But I remember to have heared or read somewhere that even a scratch across the ribs causes a lot of blood or at least tends to be very messy. Nothing to let unattended though, since 15 % bloodloss is highly dangerous and after 25% the emergency surgeon won’t even bother to spend so much as an aspirin tab on your soon-to-be-corpse.

  5. Kyethn, you said that he dodged! You said you were POSITIVE. You LIED. D:

  6. Oh no! Not the guy! Not THAT guy!

    Yeah, so after reading this comic for forever I finally decided to leave a comment. Didn’t want to be creepin’ forever and all.

    1. Yes! That guy! Also, creepers are fine. Everyone is welcome at Red Moon Rising.

    2. Exactly. Not that guy. Noooooooooo! First Colonel Mechanical-Hand, now Salamar goes”ghhk”? (Though with different quantities of H.) So. Not. Fair. Poor Airin…

      If this simplifies anything for Renshou and Lethe, then that would be even more unfair; but somehow, I’m not too worried about that.

  7. Jesus Christ that train is gargantuan

    1. Yep, it is. Trains are generally quite large.

    2. No, I think you’ll actually find that Saiamar started to deflate after he got stabbed.

      1. I think the train is about right, considering how low to the ground he is, and our ’camera’ is even lower. Either way, if the train in scale or out, whether intentional or unintentional, it adds some fantastic Alfred Hitchcock-style weight to the scene. I think the page is a great composition.

      2. Absolutely. Just imagine all the blood loss…

  8. So you decided to stab someone for your 2 year anniversary? (Congratulations, by the way) I do hope you’re at least planning to serve cake.

    Or something.

    1. I go for entrails soup and grilled ribs…

      1. And the human haggis, of course.

        1. Oh god you people are disgusting aaagggghhhhh

          Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish head fish heads, eat them up, yum!

  9. Magistrate of Mediocrity

    Oh, god! Not Saiamar. I have a soft spot for diplomats. . . especially those who are in love with an unattainable woman. Yeah, it’s kind of a niche, er, interest if you will.

    . . . I seriously wish I was making this up.

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