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  1. Actually, I think that they are exactly there to cean-out the sewers, for various definitions of clean-out. 😉
    I still wanna know what happened to her companions.

  2. Blue Flame Cleaning service!

    here for all your rebel removal needs.

  3. Not a very…thorough search of the tunnel is it? Though with an explosion that big, I don’t think he thinks he needs to be very thorough, though I’m sure Adrianna will show him the error of his ways…

    I almost want to see Adrianna go into some form of “rage mode” with more face tats than Danil (see: and and just whup these guys into oblivion. Or just be a really awesome pyrokeniticist (?) with….purple flame. Yeah, purple flame would be cool. It’d bring new meaning to the term “firefight” [evilgrin.jpg]

    1. I foresee a rage mode involving very carefully sneaking the hell out of that place, subvocalizing “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” through clenched teeth…

  4. it looks to me like he saw her but decided to ignore her…

    1. ;3 Definitely what I think also.

      Maybe she even knows him from somewhere?

    2. I thought that as well. It’s the eyes I think. They’re either wide because he saw her, or he was thinking “I don’t want to go down that dark side tunnel alone”, and so went to rejoin his companion who had moved on ahead. If that’s the case though I’m not sure why he didn’t just blast the side tunnel instead. Maybe he didn’t want to collapse the place, or just figured “There’s probably no one down there”.

  5. I can almost imagine Adrianna doing a mental sigh of relief, smiling a little . . . and then suddenly she sneezes or something and blue flame guy comes back an shoots more glowy and explody things at her.

    I’ve been watching too many movies. Maybe she can face punch her way out of this one

    1. I thought the same here…

      1. maybe he’d just had reconstructive surgery on his face and knew she would punch him there. or burn it off.

  6. So where are the others?

    1. And who is that “ksh ksh ksh”ing *without* a light?…

      1. It’s Galak who’s checking on her to see if his beloved face-puncher is still alive…

  7. “Ehhh…. she looks a little insane, I’m going to let Henry find her… I never liked him, anyway.”

  8. Her eyes where reflecting light… I’m thinking he saw her.

    1. In which panel did you see that?

      1. Second panel. I think he saw her, too.

        1. Yeah, I see it now, thx. 😉

    2. Look at the third-last frame… she’s sitting a long way from the opening.
      Let’s just say that if it turns out that he saw her, then he probably saw her.
      But if he didn’t – he won’t necessarily need an eye exam.

  9. Here’s something that’s bugging me…Am I supposed to recognize Mr. Mage Man? I hate it when characters are reintroduced and I don’t remember them…….

    1. What’s bugging me is, does Mr. Supakollida have only one arm?
      I’m straining my eyes till they water, and all I come up with is “could be”…
      I do think we need a one-armed man about now, though. In memory of robothand, too.

      Robothand, we never knew you, but we miss you, still.

      1. I dunno man, it seems pretty clear in the fourth page that he’s got two arms as he walks away…

        1. Two sleeves at least… same results fromt the previous page – inconclusive…

  10. Adrianna’s real magic power is the ability to make EVERYONE WANT TO HELP HER.

  11. He’s thinking ’Why Did it have to be HERE of all places to lose a contact?!’

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