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  1. Woohoo! Another survivor! And a barely averted friendly fire incident (get it? friendly fire ahaha, I crack myself up.)

    1. More emphasis on fire than friendly by the “It’s you” comment.

      1. And she is thinking “And there goes my excuse to *accidentily* torch her”
        But since we have no …whats the word… *think-bubbles* in RMR we can’t read it.

        Oh, shouldn’t they be kinda blind now? And sneezing?

        1. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of thought bubbles. Closest you’ll get is Adrianna’s retrospective narrative. And they are a bit blind, but fortunately neither have the dreaded photic sneeze reflex!

  2. Pffff, wish I had a chance to sleep for 16 hours.

    I was totally gearing up to watch Adrianna torch some poor slob’s face off. Oh well.

    1. The joys of being self-employed, I suspect – I prioritise sleep quite highly, pretty much above everything else(eating, drawing, going outside). It might just be me, but I find it quite difficult to do any sort of creative work when I’m tired.

      1. Agreed. Being creative on lack of sleep is very painful. Basically, not worth trying although, I had to learn that the hard way (It only took a few decades … No I’m not stubborn 😉 ).

        Writing code, prose, or poetry. Making forms, drawings or webgraphics. All of these have one thing in common, they are all creative arts.

  3. Who else were you expecting…?

    I wonder if Rhea’s going to a) Be the bearer of (more) bad news or b) attack her. Although the second option may be a bit unprecedented and probably not very helpful. But then, there is something to be said for random ambushes.

  4. I am a bit confused. I don´t get how they got split up in the first place. They were all together in the same tunnel when the explosion happened.

    1. I thought this might come up, this scene has been super difficult to draw clearly in a loooot of ways. Anyway, if you check back at page 203 you can see Adrianna is standing in front of a side tunnel, which is where she is now, having been knocked down it by the blast wave of the explosion.

  5. I get the whole 16 hours thing. It’s happened to me a couple times. (How come it always happens when I have off?)

    On another note, mutual repulsion!

    And how do you say Ksh?

    1. Sleep is good! I always feel better having caught up with it. And “ksh” is supposed to simply be onomatopoetic for someone stepping through shallow water.

      1. I know it’s a sound effect-(but not that it was specific to shallow water) I just can’t help but try and say them, and sometimes it twists my mind and tongue coming up with how.

        Just another way your comic entertains me. 🙂

  6. Yay, sleep. I agree, if you can sleep for 16 hours, that usually means you should. 🙂

    Mad Speculation Fest Caused by Re-reading Pages While Waiting for Update:
    When Blue Flame Man (probably) saw Adrianna, he looked after Ksh-Ksher Number 2 before leaving, which makes me wonder if he’s a subordinate escorting someone else. Maybe he’s a Seras Daya native with mixed feelings about helping Ashul or something, and so isn’t reporting what he saw…? I think Ksh-ksher 2 COULD be Samara Ost-Navarre, if she had her hair out of her face and had taken off the armband. Though it could be plenty of other people, too – not a whole lot to go on yet…

    Alternatively, maybe Blue Flame Man and Ksh-Ksher 2 are just lurking somewhere nearby and waiting for everybody to get back together so they can blow them up better.

    1. I agree! 16 hours usually means I was seriously behind in my sleep, it always catches up with you in the end. Unfortunately it’s carried over, I think the updates this week are going to be a day delayed after Monday’s bad start. Still inking today’s page and I’m completely shot, ugh.

      As for the speculation… I’ve actually had to formulate a policy, what with all the speculation going on in the last few pages! I realised it was probably best to just leave you all to have fun without shooting anything down too definitively, even if some of the stuff that’s coming up has me clawing at my face. Not saying what, though. Carry on.

      1. Clawing at your face in a, “Oh jeez that is so STUPID how could they even SAY that?!” way or a, “Dammit I made that too obvious” way? Or something else?

        1. My guess is a little of both

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