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  1. These comic pages keep getting more and more attractive. I sort of want to adopt this page. Or marry it or eat it or something else improbable and irrelevant. The main point is that it’s gorgeous <3

  2. That manhole has to hurt her head a little.

    1. Much, much more then a little. Those things weigh in excess of 100 pounds, or more depending on type and age of them. IRL, no way in hells half acre is someone gonna pop up under a manhole cover like that. Slightest twitch of the neck, assuming they were able to lift it in the first place, = broken neck, as the weight of it crushed the neck over in direction of said twitch.

      1. Not to spoil your nit, or anything… but does it look like a normal, real-life manhole cover?
        It’s something that covers a manhole… so it’s a manhole cover, but it doesn’t follow that it’s the same manufacturer supplies those, as supplies the ones around here… 😉

  3. Rhea is adorable in the seconds panel. And this page is made of complete and utter win. I don’t even know which panel I like the best (although the lighting in the last one is awesome).

    1. Manhole hat FTW! With you completely! Got to say I’m a big fan of the 4th, though.

      1. IT’S ALL SO AMAZING 😯

  4. *applaudes mad artist skillz!*
    That street scene is very good 😉
    One minor gnit, manhole covers weigh a ton.
    “Manhole covers usually weigh more than 100 pounds (roughly 50 kg), partly because the weight keeps them in place when traffic passes over them, and partly because they are often made out of cast iron, sometimes with infills of concrete. This makes them inexpensive and strong but heavy. A manhole cover sits on metal base, with a smaller inset rim which fits the cover. The base and cover are sometimes called “castings,” because they are made by a casting process.[1]”

    1. No cars->they weigh less.

      *found a good excuse*

      1. How *do* these people get around (besides walking and airships), anyway? You’d think that if they could invent airships, they could invent some sort of smaller, street-traversing vehicle as well….
        Like mopeds! 😀

        Anyway, SUPER amazing page, I love the second-to-last panel. It’s amazingness.

        1. I was under the impression that the flying ships require a contingent of mages to fly…
          I’m sure they’re working on magogenetically engineering a race of miniature slave mages to power automobiles, wait, make that magomobiles 😉

          The way her hair and head disappears into the cover, it looks to be quite thin, edges bent down – like a bottle-cap.

        2. Oh, I second the mopeds! *excited*

        3. Trains?

    2. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this; on Earth at least manhole covers often weigh in excess of 100 pounds, sometimes 200 pounds, so they can’t be moved by traffic without a special tool. Sliding one up a couple inches and off the manhole is very possible in Rhea’s position, but I would love to see somebody balance one of those on their head without breaking their necks.

      Physics aside, it is good to see daylight again! I love the cluttered buildings and the lighting, it looks so much like it could be a real place and not just another part of Ashul.

      1. Maybe it’s tin foil…. xD

      2. In Soviet Russia manhole covers did not weight very much… Result: People stole them at night and sold them as scrap metal after the union collapsed. So ordinary old fashioned manholes – not the ferroconcrete type common nowadays – are pretty easily removed. Since the scenery looks like horsecarriages are the most heavy things on the streets, so a 30 kg manhole cover can be easily removed.

      3. It looks like she has her hand behind her head, so it’s not balanced solely on her head, but rather on her head and hand. So in theory most of the weight is on her hand, and her head is just to stabilize it.

        1. Head is centred, hand behind, hence most of the weight is on her teeny neck, not to mention trying to give her a new fontanel. 30 kg might not sound like much, but that is close to 65 pounds. Not even Zena gonna balance that. Otherwise, lubbing the strip and needs to invent a time machine so I can port forward, find out what happened then come back and go….’I knoooow whaaat haaaaaappennnedddd….’

        2. Did the math. Assuming that cover has a radius of 25 cm, a height of 2 cm, and is made of pure iron (most iron-based steels shouldnt be that far of in terms of density) you get pretty much 30,6 kg. So it does not break your neck.

          For aluminium the weight drops to 10,6 kg by the way…

  5. This page is insanely beautiful! *_* I love the contrast between the “sketch-y” quality of the background (that is still detailed) and the fine and precise drawing of the two characters.

  6. Very cool looking… reminds me of old Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
    I wonder how many miles of enemy territory they have to cross.
    Trains and diplomats sure are handy…

  7. Adrianna pretty much summed up my opinion of this page. The second panel made me lol, and the second to last panel has awesome perspective.

  8. Liking the street scene. Good work.

  9. What if that was a Special Manhole Cover for use at the end of their tunnel passage? Looks like it could be in some remote alley that might not get more than walked over… a really light-weight cover.
    Still might give her a flat spot on her skull though… Kids ! Don’t try this at home !

  10. *Pictures the Monty Python giant foot coming down in panel 2. And now You do as well ^^

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