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  1. She asks a lot of questions… especially when people tell her to be quiet.

    1. She sure does! It’s ok, though. I am 100% certain Rhea finds her boundless curiosity endearing.

      1. Yeah… bonding girl-time… I feel the overwhelming waves of friendship and empathy here…

      2. You are, huh? I would, too, especially since most of her questions consist of “what” and “where”. The facepunching helps, too. 😀 I’m sure they’ll be GREAT friends!

  2. Though, given Adri’s history of face-punchy when she’s told to go somewhere/do something without being satisfied as to the where/what, you sort of have to admire Rhea for dragging her along by the faceburny arm.

    1. Keep your friends close, and the face-burny hands of your curmudgeonly not-quite-friends WAY closer… 😉

      1. I really can’t wait untill Adriana finally earns the honorary title of “xXFacemelt0rXx”…

  3. That is an awesome page.

    1. Seriously, every panel is wonderful.

  4. Really digging the manhole cover-thing.

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