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  1. Love it, especially the second panel. you totally captured Adrianna’s motion in that one!

    Uhoh, who did she run into?

    1. Not just the motion, but the emotion as well. It’s more than just running, it’s frantic “get-me-the-hell-out-of-here-I-don’t-care-where-as-long-as-it-isn’t-here” running.
      Body language is such a subtle demon, Miss Rose, and you’ve captured it perfectly.

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I smell a potential meme with that edited panel…

  3. I have ideas for like a million of these things. Rose you have started a meme! 8D

  4. Is it too much to hope that she ran into her brother? Or perhaps even a newly-healed Saiamar? OwO

    1. I actually sense some face-punching time coming…

      1. Someone senses facepunching every page adriana is on. Face it people! Adrianna did not punch anyone for quite a time now! This can not stand! Too long have we waited! I demand a regular punching shedule. At least one broken nose every ten updates! XD

        1. Absolutely! I don’t come here to watch Adrianna run away from people, as well-drawn as it may be! We have rights!

        2. We could form a union….

          Of course, there is the Facepunch Initiative.

        3. We could, but then we might have to strike. Hmm…

          The Initiative sounds much more awesome!

        4. Oh boy! What have I started!

  5. You did the running poses very very well. Only when I went back with my critics eye did I spot one weird pose, and that is with the blonde guy in the second panel. He looks like he be goosesteppin’ rather than running, but it’s one of those perspective things that could go either way. Very well done either way.

    Also: Keep your eyes on the road Adrianna lol!

  6. It’s pretty obvious what she’s thinking…
    Panel2: “Cool, I’m running pretty fast! I’m even faster than the local girl who should know the streets like her back pocket…”
    Panel3:”Wait, that’s not a good thing! Is she still there?”


    1. Hahaha! 😀 Exactly!

      One comment about the last panel though: I think the slight reduplication of Adrianna and the guy she bumps into isn’t necessary. It just looks a bit too mechanical for me… But well, that’s the artist’s vision. 😉 I’m only saying that Adrianna’s speed is well seen already, it’s obvious that they are going to fall… 🙂

  7. The stone wall is fine. Your backgrounds are lovely as usual.

    But IMHO the clean cartoony look of the character jars a bit with the smudgy background which looks more like a painting. If I recall correctly the characters often had some kind of texture applied over them or something. It made the characters blend a bit in the background visually which was good IMO. I guess it’s still there but you may have toned it down because these streets are supposed to be better lit. It looks less harmonious to me now. Maybe you intended her to look like she doesn’t quite belong there. It didn’t jump at me in the previous couple of pages. Maybe it’s because the character is bigger on this page.

    1. I sorta see what you mean, but it certainly does a fine job of bringing the readers attention to the forefront. I do think your issue is because of the lighting. I guess you could still leave vibrant, brightly lit colours without having her look crystal clear, but I still like the page as is. I was even commenting to myself on how purdy it all looked. I never consciously thought it looked off until I read your post, and could sorta see what you meant. I think it works for me due to the progressive blurriness of the fore, mid and backgrounds.

  8. And that is why you never look back when running away from someone, or something. 😀
    Love this page! You drew them very well. I really like your action scenes ^^. Keep up the good work!

  9. Just read all of the Archives and now I’m here wwaiting for Updates and -OHGOD WHY ARE THERE NO UPDATES I NEED MOOOOORE- just when the action starts, too!!

  10. The art is completely awesome! Can’t wait for more and see this comic mature with your talent!

  11. Long time reader, first time commenter. XD;
    I just -had- to stop by and tell you that I really LOVE Red Moon Rising! It’s a delightful webcomic, the storyline is intriguing and the art. The ART. I am so taken by your artstyle. <3 I love the painting-like feel to it, the backgrounds and light effects are amazing and the characters! They have so much personality, so much recognizing features. I would recognize Adrianna anywhere. You made her stand out with simple, but effective features.
    This must be one of my favorite pages, by the way. The poses and the movement I can sense from this page are astounding. Now I can barely wait to know who that mysterious person is! I do hope that it is revealed soon. Keep up the amazing work! <3

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