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  1. This page looks great (as they all do) so job well done on the parkour studying. I noticed the lack in updates last week and rather than thinking you were a jerk I rationally thought “I hope she’s ok…” so I’m glad to know nothing happened to you.

    Congrats on getting your “special visitor” to come soon!!

    Oh and I went through a similar sleep deprivaty over the weekend myself…. It sucks… So I know what you were going through.

    So back to the parkour subject, is this page must be leading up to…. The Cover of the Chapter!! lol

    Anyways, great job as always!

  2. As a traceur, I think that looks pretty good.
    (Of course, that’s coming from someone who hasn’t gotten around to running up buildings yet.)

    I like the positioning of the last two panels!

  3. Go make out with your boyfriend. What are you doing here?

  4. I could if you want but, I know how much work is in these so you aren’t lazy, not by a stretch. Disorganized, maybe. I have insufficient data there. Bad host? Possibly, you SO would have to pipe in there. You are supposed to be tending to your guest 😉 I wasn’t expecting *anything* this week 😛

  5. BTW this is now taking on the aspects of a Jackie Chan choreography. I like it. 😉

    1. Yes, monks were doing this thousands of years ago. Parkour isn’t new.

  6. Ha, nice. I recognized that as parkour before I read the description, so it looks like watching those videos was time well-spent. 😛

  7. The fact that she’s part squirrel (on her mother’s side) is beginning to show once again. 🙂

    1. Hehe, comment win! 😀

      Good job on catching the motion, Kyethn! I was thinking of some parkour trick too even without reading your comment…

  8. Very nice! Loving the parkour reference.

  9. For a touch of Red Moon Rising in real life….

    1. I’m finding -5C tough to deal with, thank you.
      -25C? …..brrrrrrrr, no, thanks!

  10. another awesome page, really like where the comic is going.
    thanks for entertaining me, oh and the best of luck with your boyfriend, i’m in a long distance relationship myself too, my girlfriend lives in America and i live in the Netherlands so i completely understand the slowdown of the comic.

    (am rather impressed it’s a slowdown and not a break actually.)

  11. I really like the panelling, for some reason.
    not fond of the landscape/setting artwork this time though. Probably spoiled me!

    Still appreciating the regular updates. ;3 It’s great nonetheless, anticipating the next page!

  12. fourthingsandalizard

    See people chasing me. See wall. Ponder. Conclusion: PARKOUR.

  13. You disorganized, lazy jerk! What are you doing reading comments When there’s a special guest from overseas? 😉 Sorry, didn’t want you to be disappointed by the lack of telling off. Haha

    Honestly though, I’m grateful that you’re still putting enough time into it for regular updates. Good ones, too. I’m enjoying that set of panels at the bottom right. Kinda cool going back and comparing it(I’m working on my reread) although there are still some cool things with the panels and the art and all that back there, too. 🙂

  14. Parkour. I approve.

    Well done, it’s recognizable even before I read your comments!

    And you should definitely be off having fun with your boyfriend. That’s quite some distance between the two of you!

  15. See, that headbutt was super effective!

    1. Yeah, may not have been a facepunch, but I still approve!

  16. Ah, so the glasgwegian kiss straightened her head… has she decided to stop being dragged around?
    Prediction : That will either turn out to be incredibly effective, incredibly painful … or both!

  17. Love your comic but was wondering if it would be possible to put a copy of the “first” “previous” “Last” Next” above the comic as well as below. Many other comics do this. That way when I go to your page and want to see the latest I wouldn’t have to scroll down first to find the “next” – it would show up on at the top of the page.

    Thanks. And keep drawing!!!

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