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  1. Well, go someplace where there’s no air, of course.

    1. Your plan has one, tiny flaw… you need air too.

      Unless Adrianna has both gills and lungs, or does not require oxygen to live. Entirely possible for a person who’s half magic squirrel.

      1. Seeing as she survived being underwater for a few weeks (yes, tongue-in-cheek), that shouldn’t be a problem. For her. Navarre will have more of a trying experience. 😀

  2. Woo plot twist! So how does one outrun an air mage? By giving said air mage 3rd degree burns of course!

    The only grammar error I found was after “For example” I believe the punctuation should be either a comma or a colon, instead of a period.

    1. When you can make art and an awesome story like this, then you can come back and correct grammar. Until then kindly stfu.

      1. Well now, to be fair, Rose raised the question of the grammer on this page and OneWingedAngel’s argument is arguably valid. Constructive criticism delivered reasonably isn’t something to be jumped on.

        I like this page. I think the layout is interestingly different and rewarding.

        1. Oh for the love of Pete-

          You guys are picking nits over a single character in an otherwise flawless and beautiful page. Does it really matter that much? Sit back and enjoy the show.

        2. Oh man. Be nice to each other, guys. I did ask for grammar checks in my comments, and even if I hadn’t, I do actively encourage constructive criticism – I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being demonised for trying to help out since I really, really want to know if I do anything wrong. How else will the comic get better?

    2. Wow, apparently you accidentally discovered one of the number one ways to get jumped on in comments…bit unfair given that the artist of this wonderful comic did actually ask whether there were grammar problems in the text.

  3. allow me to point out that i absolutely LOVE the way you draw hair. >_>

    if you ever decide to do a drawing tutorial again, i’d facepunch to see that being part of one.

    (was going to say i’d kill to see that, but somehow facepunch seemed more appropriate)

    1. I also realy like how in the top frame, the air mage’s hand breaks the frame. it’s awsome and something not alot of people do.

      1. Thanks very much! 🙂 I’m trying to do some more interesting things with composition starting with this scene, so I’m glad you like it.

  4. Excellent question. It seems somehow that parkour is not the answer, as awesome as it is.

    With One-winged, btw. I think you’re pretty much fine. Just the period/comma thing. ’For example’ might work as an interjection, too. Not entirely sure. I tend to go with what looks right and go on with life.

  5. Mess up the air flow by causing a freakin’ huge inferno! 😀

  6. I actually found a tiny flaw in the picture for once. I am by no means a good artist but I kind of have a thing for perspective and geometry. So here’s the thing. Look at the edges of the roof Adriana is sprintig on in what you could kind of call the first panel. You see a corner, right above colonel airbender’s head, which in turn is dashed by the second panel just a few milimeters along the edge of the roof. Now, if you prolong the edge of the roof towards the direction adriana is running perspectivewise (somewhat close to the line that halves the page from upper left corner, pagewise) you would expect the edge of the roof to reappear in the middle of the page (starting in what becomes the first panel again if you start the line at the darkest red area on Adriana’s shoulder in the second panel). But no, the wall continues straight up.

    Gee, I wonder if anyone will understand what I mean.

    1. It doesn’t look like an error. It looks more like the panel’s border.
      You outrun an Air Mage by creating a Firestorm.

      1. I think the panel’s border is the frame of the third panel?

    2. I do understand exactly what you mean, since I actually agonised a bit over this already. 🙂 Originally did just what you’re suggesting here, having the edge of the building run through the full panel and have the sky bleed out under the rest of the panels, but it left a big light block in the middle of the page which wasn’t very flattering for the composition. This normally isn’t such a big deal, but this whole page kind of hinges on the composition reading properly, so in the end I opted just to fill it in with the purple that’s there now.

  7. ;D Tunnels, forests, and earthy places they have trouble flying in.

    1. Naaaw, you got it all wrong!

      You produce enough warm air so the airmage has no choice but to rise up to the clouds due to the thermal movement ^^

  8. Umm… Punch them in the face?

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