The end! Just kidding, just kidding. I may be a jerk, but I wouldn’t do that. At least, not yet.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. It wasn’t planned but it was fairly necessary and I would definitely do it again. Not to be a cryptic douche, but I’m leaving it at that. Updates as normal now though, for propers this time.

In other news, I received this super neat piece of fanart while I was away, courtesy of Nicholas Burke of the webcomic Dream Against the World. I like how effectively it shows off most of Adrianna’s primary character traits (squirrel jumping, smoking, and being deliberately obtuse). Thanks Nicholas. 😀

Aussi! Pour tous le francophones il y a maintenant le début d’une traduction en français, grâce aux gens de Vieux Croutons! Je pense que Red Moon Rising peut être mieux en français. 🙂 Et pardon de mon (trés, trés…) mauvais français, je suis encore à apprendre.


Page 240

0 thoughts on “Page 240

  1. I love her slightly confused look in panel four. “What is this I don’t even”

  2. That panel is being torn by the lightning – neat! (ink beat me to the first comment, bummer! =)

    1. [slides on sunglasses] Deal with it.


  3. Well, now I’m curious. Haha. Glad you got things settled though. And with a freaking awesome comic to boot. 😀

  4. Ahh, your art’s amazing. After this page, with those eyes, it just felt so completely necessary that I say.

  5. Hey the fanart is pretty cool but the creator forgot punching 🙂

  6. Ouch. Air mage countered Adrianna’s fire punch with a thunderbolt!

    … Adrianna fainted?

    Love the panel being torn through by the lightning.

    1. I think Adrianna would probably be some sort of flying/fire type punching squirrel pokémon, so it makes sense that lightning would be super effective.

  7. Hey Zonk,

    Glad you like it. Curses! How could I forget? I imagine once the Maitre d’ complains to her she’ll punch him out.

  8. Love the last panel! and how the lightening crops the second last panel, little details like that make the page look brilliant.

  9. Oh !! There will be a french translation ? ! So cool !! ^^ Even if i don’t think that the comic would be “better” in french.. But anyway, that’s so nice ! Thank you ^^ And your work is totally amazing !!! Et tu te débrouilles bien en français ^^

    1. Yes! I’m very grateful to the people who offered to translate it. I’m learning French right now, so it’s especially helpful for me. 🙂

      It’s hard to describe actually, but somehow reading it in a different language makes it seem like someone else made the comic – sort of like reading someone else’s bande dessinée (et j’adore la BD, donc…), so I’m less critical than I normally would be. Plus I rather like that “bam!” translates to “paf!”. French is so great, haha. Et merci beaucoup! J’essaie de faire de mon mieux. 🙂

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