Still settling back into the ol’ Monday-Thursday (as may have been obvious from Thursday’s absence) – bloo bloo bloo, comics are hard, and so on. Should be ok now, though, getting back into the swing of things.

Also oh goodness whatever could this be

I’m usually a bit loathe to blatantly advertise things down here in my newsbox, but I really like Eariee. It’s a prose-illustration-not-quite-a-webcomic hybrid by Kristina Waterman and Julia Davis (who you might recall did that smashing filler art for me while I was ill). It’s setting up to be a fascinating jaunt through dystopian London, and I think the quality of the art and writing speaks for itself, so you guys should give it a look!


Page 239

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  1. “I take your face blazing and raise you a full electrocution!”

    I’m glad you are starting to get things going again, things got pretty stale there for a bit, not that I minded. Hope things get even better soon!

  2. Where are the kitties? There should be kitties! D:

    1. As proposed by Anonymous et. al, once basic needs like fiery facepunching and punchy facemelting are satisfied, every community starts to ask for kittens, boobies and free beer…

      1. Bankruptcy and barbarians killed the Roman empire; kittens, boobies and free beer will end the world…

  3. So air mages can use electricity as well? Kinda like a storm mage.
    Oh and thank you so much for the shout out! glad your liking it so far and you don’t feel obligated to send a link our way. We really appreciate it! looking forward to more RMR.

    1. Looking forward to more Eariee!

      I didn’t make the connection – air / lightning, but once you made the connection with thunderstorms it made sense. Maybe that’s the answer!

      1. I think the captain is a mage with multiple powers, like the one guy from the beginning with glowy tats all down his face. I’m not exactly sure, but it looks like the captain has more tats on her face now than before.

    2. Storm mage, huh?
      I guess that’d make sense – somewhat like colonel ironhand; if the military’s put her in charge of a ship, she’s likely got the skills to pilot and control some of the weather to her liking.

      It’d be an interesting gambol through learning the language of the glowy face symbols. more = more power, or more shapes = various powers; or set shapes combined gives a person different kinesises…

      Interesting stuff.

  4. Ah, now I got it… it wasn’t an explosion in the last frame of the previous page, it was the protagonists perspective. Singed eyeballs, owie. But maybe she had a Unibrow of Protection +1 going on, since she’s still seeing enough to take aim…
    I wonder if she’s as strong as supakollidaman? Hopefully not…

    1. You how some people always mix up “protagonist” and “antagonist”? Well, you do now. X|

      1. =) But you did point out the reason for the over-exposed first panels – I wouldn’t have caught that cool touch if you hadn’t said something.

      2. You know, I’ve been following this comic for a long time now.. and I’m inclined to feel that Adrianna is something of an antagonist..

  5. So…

    …Adrianna, find an apple stand… and… apple-sass her?

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