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  1. Wallpaper: firepunch montage

    1. Hate you.

      1. Pffft. History will vindicate my views I’m sure.

        1. +1 for the montage

        2. Vindication!

  2. She’s alive! Oh…

    1. Surprise! I’m not that terrible a person.

  3. I love her expression in the last panel! “YeeeaaaaaIIII’m onfire.”

    I really like the building in the first panel of this comic: Have any more of the architecture in Imara handy for wall papering? 😀

    1. I think possibly the big cityscape shot on page 21 could be made into a wallpaper. The small shot you linked to probably isn’t so great since it’s so skinny, I’d have to paint a lot of it in. Also, if it’s not in the comic you can probably assume it doesn’t exist, since I don’t get a lot of time to draw outside of the comic for the most part. No secret bank of sketches or anything I’m afraid!

    2. Yeah I love her expression too, Ohh… my coat’s on fire. I think I should do something about it.

  4. Does her fire resistance extend only to her own magical brand of destruction?

  5. What shall we do with the drunken viking….
    what shall we do with the drunken viking…
    what shall we do with the drunken viking
    early in the morning

    Take his hair and set a fire
    Take his hair and set a fire
    Take his hair and set a fire
    early in the morning….

  6. Wallpaper Idea – Bracken going ’pew pew’, complete with speech bubble.

    1. I second this. :D!

      1. Thirded!

        1. Er, WELL

          I guess that wouldn’t be too hard to make…

  7. You know, sometimes I think you underestimate the popularity of your comic and how much we readers appreciate the work you put into it =P

    1. Yes! Your work is terrific! Your art is some of the best I’ve seen in the genre online, and the story is brilliant. I LOVE reading it!

      1. Oh shucks. You guys. I think I kind of assume everyone’s stopped reading after all the updating issues I’ve been having (which I feel terrible about, everyone can rest assured).

        1. Stop reading?? ***attempts to wrap head around that idea. fails.***
          It is possible to stop reading something this good?

        2. By “stopped reading” do you mean “checking everyday, rereading the latest update/search archives for small nuances that may have been missed in prior readings in case of no new update”? Because, I’m fairly certain that’s what happens…

          We do appreciate your work, as idj says! You’ve put this time, effort, energy into something so beautiful and intelligent; and then you let us little bums enjoy it for free as we browse your website (which you likely pay out-of-pocket to host) with our grubby little parasitic cursors. (That is such a positive spin on us! 😀 )

          Which means it’s only fair that we wait with patience and understanding while you, I unno, live your own life or do something for yourself? And trust me, the fans of RMR are those who will wait, and check every day; and any form of impatience is really a thinly veiled compliment – you’ve got us hooked. What you are making, forming, and creating here has been recognized by people all over the globe as something of value. Which is valuable even without a regular update schedule.

          I guess what I’m trying to say, in my verbose manner, is that though I do pout (for a few moments!) every time it’s not updated, I believe RMR is worth the wait, and my patience I’d gladly give to you, especially when you are giving me such a fantastic gift while expecting nothing in return.

          So… uh… Thanks. :3 And please, don’t feel terrible.

  8. You know, sometimes I think you underestimate the popularity of your comic and how much we readers appreciate the work you put into it. =P

    1. Gee wiz sorry about the double post, I just wasn’t sure my comment made it through D=

  9. Seems like someone gains more magicks there. Wind really is a friend of fire you know. XD

    1. I’m sure that’s exactly what she’s thinking right now.

  10. Coat on fire=not good

    1. Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

  11. Since we’re taking requests! I would like a wallpaper of Adrianna and at least one bottle of booze and Galak. Or a squirrel.

    Or maybe Adrianna with a bottle of booze that is becoming a molotov cocktail (may she never work in a bottle shop) 😀

    1. That would be hilarious. What about both Galak and a squirrel? There could be some fun times with that… 😀

      1. Yesss. . . Or! Or of all the characters as a band! Maybe Galak could be made up as a pretty back-up singer with Danil? 😀

        1. 😐

          Why did I ask for you lot’s input? I DO THIS TO MYSELF

  12. Heh, gotta love her expression in the last pannel. Sorta one of those expressoins were someone isnt sure if they want to simply reach over and smother the flames, or start swinging their arm back and forth to ’blow’ it out… or just a smiple ’dumbstruck’ expression of ’how did that fire start?”

    1. Having set myself on fire in the past, I can assure you there is a tiny, brief moment of “…really?” before the intense flailing commences.

  13. Fire! I like Adrianna’s expression montage; very fluid.
    -Never commented here before, but I’ve always enjoyed this comic~ 😀

    1. Fresh blood! I mean, thank you! 🙂

  14. I remember when my brother’s dressing gown sleeve spontaneously caught fire; no candles nearby or anything. Anyway, we just kinda stared at it for a moment in a “What… the heck?” kinda way before, as you said, intense flailing started.

    Come to think of it… lots of fire happened around my brother. I think he and Adrianna need fire extinguishers for their birthdays.

    Almost forgot: I adore your comic! I’ve been following for some time now and still get a thrill of “Yes! Another page!” whenever you’ve updated 😀

  15. New reader here! Just found this comic today, read through the entire thing in an hour or so. (Was linked from D00R comic!)

    You’ve got some really great ideas going on here. I can’t wait to see how the story pans out! A question (probably been answered before, but didn’t feel like reading through two years of comments); Is the level of one’s magic power directly related to the number of characters that appear on his/her face?

  16. Woo! Doo-dads! 🙂
    Congratz on organizing the site and whatnot. I’m not great with the internet stuffs either, so I understand the awesomeness of what has transpired.

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