In which Adrianna inadvertently gets hit by one of the oldest tropes in the book. And that is some terrible fire safety right there, let me tell you.

Whoo, backgrounds! This page was good fun. I’m having a go at inking backgrounds and I think it makes creating solid environments a bit easier. I tend to leave things a bit foggy and wishy-washy when I only paint the backgrounds. Here’s the inks for today’s page for any interested parties. Yeahhh, check out those god damn crates you guys

Also, my buddy Drew finally made a reality of the obvious crossover that is Red Moon Rising and Futurama. Fire INDEED hot.

Also also, there’s a new vote incentive! For propers! It’s an inked section of one of the wallpapers I’m working on right now, featuring Renshou (who shall be popping up again in the story very soon).


Page 245

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  1. You must have a different time zone than use… like a day ahead or something. The date is ahead, and I thought that you were late…. funny…. great way to leave us in suspense 😛 *rolls eyes*

    1. My terrible secret revealed! I am, in fact, not American.

  2. Haha, “Urk”

    I hope that building won’t catch fire, what with the wood floors and crates and a bookcase…

    Can’t wait for Thursday!! Eeee! 😀

  3. It’s still the 26th here… Good time. 🙂 It’s also good to see that Adrianna doesn’t have to have a sleeve that’s on fire for more than a week.

  4. Bwaahahahahaahaa…
    Way to start a day! That vid is hillarious ^___^

  5. Actually, I think it’s less ’paralyzing arm hold’ and more ’reverse momentum’. I think you portrayed the jerk (as in, sudden yank) which pulled her off balance admirably.

  6. I like the dialogue in this 🙂
    OK, seriously. This is one of the most beautiful pages so far. And it actually doesn’t need real dialogue.

    PS: The tvtropes-site is quite interesting.

  7. Noooooo! Not TVTropes! I had stuff I wanted to do today!

  8. This page looks great, and I love looking at the inks and final page. It’s really cool to see the progress made between the two.

    Fire hot! D:

    I’m really looking forward to them wallpapers. The website looks fine to me (after you did all that cool work on it), but the comment area looks really small. Maybe it’s because my eyes are like half dead.

    1. Oh, it’s not just you, the comments area is really messed up. It’s on my to-do list, but I literally spent 24 straight hours fixing the site yesterday, so… it’ll happen when it happens, haha. 🙂

      Unfortunately the wallpapers are probably going to be slightly delayed as a result. I think if the website hadn’t been completely messed up I could’ve had at least one done by Thursday. Sigh.

      1. My eyes would probably be bleeding after trying to fix any kind of coding. (I failed basic C++ Coding. >> <> It wasn’t entirely my fault. //shifty eyes).

  9. Thanks for fixing it so we see the “First” “Last” etc. at the top. However I feel that I may have caused the whole problem to your page by asking you to do that which probably messed up all your formatting. If so – I’m sorry……

    1. Oh, no, don’t worry. That wasn’t it at all, haha. I explain the gist of it in the comment below, but adding in the navigation above the comic was just a welcome side effect of having to upgrade the site.

  10. So you were using web code and such from an external website which no longer exists? Shaaame, this is why you never do that.

    The weird thing is, everything in the source looks as it should. Since you’re using WordPress, is there a way to go back to a default theme and/or modify a default theme until you get something like what the site used to look like?

    1. …er, what? What on earth gave you that idea? I’m using code from WordPress and Webcomic which are both very much extant and supported at the moment.

      What actually happened was my site got suspended by my host after part of the site was hacked. I was forced to upgrade WordPress and Webcomic, which, as I expected, destroyed a lot of the CSS changes I had made to the site when I originally built it. Partially my fault for not upgrading WordPress/building the site slightly shoddily, but it certainly wasn’t anything to do with using code from a website which no longer exists.

      1. Hey darlin’, WordPress is very much alive and kickin’. While I am more familiar with the Comicpress add-in, the one that you have is very good as well.

        The trick with themes is to clone the one you want and do your CSS changes there. Alternatively, make damned sure that you have backups of your changed files. That way the auto-update won’t hose you. You can then use the auto-updates to keep your site current. This is a recommended process to all WordPress users. I have 14 WordPress sites and they are self-hosted (my own servers).

        For comment systems, there are various. I recommend adding the IntenseDebate plugin. It should straighten out a lot of the wonkiness. I use both that and the OpenID add-in and am working on a Facebook comment syncronization plugin.

        To answer the other commenter: WordPress is written in PHP5 and not C++. It also uses SQL95 for the database access to either MySQL, PostreSQL, SQLserver, Oracle, or whatever other RDBMS engine that you fancy.

        I used to recommend MediaWiki for story database but have run into non-code issues with that. So, I’m still working that out.

        Yes, I do code. 😉

        1. Hey, who said it wasn’t? That was kind of my entire point, WordPress is completely supported and alive. Also I’m not ever going to be using Comicpress, but that’s an entirely different story.

          I was using a child theme but the upgrade to Webcomic was fairly major and I ended up having to chuck it since fixing it up to work with the new code would probably have taken longer than simply redoing all the CSS.

          I’ve considered IntenseDebate in the past, but I’ve heard it can be a bit of a load on the server, and while my hosting is currently sufficient I wouldn’t exactly call it… robust. So I guess we’ll see. Not terribly enamoured with the comments as they are, though. Might see if I can revert them to how they were in the older version of Webcomic.

  11. The bit that says “Powered by WordPress” gave me that idea. 😉

    Ok, so the problem is a lot more deeply engrained than I thought…

    1. I think it’s the fact that you’re suggesting WordPress no longer exists that has me confused. I’m not hosted by WordPress if that’s what you’re getting at.

      But! If you’re offering to make me a non-Wordpress based website, I am all for it! 🙂 Otherwise this really is the best I can manage.

      1. Careful here girl, It’s take years to get WordPress to where it is and it is now the top-ranked CMS because it is so easy. A Joomla based site will definitely require programmer skills to both build and maintain. WordPress does it for you, including chasing security bugs. You just have to maintain the updates and auto-update makes that easy 😉

        1. I feel like I need to come up with some sort of jocular nickname for you since we’re apparently doing that now. Boyo?

          Anyway, boyo, I never dissed WordPress – without it I wouldn’t have a site. Simple as that.

  12. I wasn’t referring to WordPress, I was referring to Sage Forums…

    And when it comes to making websites I’m just a novice; I haven’t really done much in that area, even though I’m good with computers otherwise.

    1. Ahh, ok. Sorry about that! The Sage ribbon code wasn’t hosted externally, but that’s where the code was placed for members of Sage Comics to copy-paste it into their websites. I lost the actual code in the upgrade, it hadn’t occurred to me that it would be wiped when that happened or that it wouldn’t be available any more.

      1. Huh, I see.

        The site actually doesn’t look to wonky at the moment, I thought it was much worse because I have an adblocker installed on my browser.

        If you really, /really/ want a some website software that isn’t based on wordpress, I’d be happy to look into some type of solution. I’m on my summer break and am nearly bored to tears.

        1. Nahhh, that’s ok. To be honest I like WordPress. It’s not ridiculously secure, but it does the job and it’s easy for someone like me (CSS proficient but not much else) to deal with and provides a hell of a lot of functionality.

          I’ve fixed a lot of stuff since everything collapsed, so most of the remaining wonkiness on the site is just in the secondary pages (About, Cast, etc.) and there’s still some weird bits elsewhere. The comments behave a bit differently from before in that when you hit Reply it doesn’t open up a little comment box within the comments section any more and instead redirects you down to the comment box at the bottom of the page, which is a change I’m not terribly happy about.

          But hell, that’s beyond me to fix. It took me the better part of an hour just to move the Reply link from the top of individual comments (next to the comment author name and date) to the bottom so people would actually see it. And the footer’s still messed up, and that Random button in the page navigation really needs to be changed to an Archive link since no one wants to see Random pages of a longform comic. Basically, there is still a lot of work to do! At least the site is functional now, though this is all driving me a bit nuts. Just wanna draw comic. 🙁

        2. I understand, webstuff is unnecessarily hard…

          The site looks much better than it did this morning, to be sure. 😉

  13. …And here I thought the fire from Adrianna’s coat had spread to the CSS code.
    ’Cause, y’know, seems like magic fire n’ stuff would be capable of taking down websites.

    …Glad to see it’s getting back into one piece. :D!
    Best of luck, though. If I could write code a ding-darn I’d volunteer to help out.

  14. First time poster here ^.^;

    I began reading this comic yesterday night and I have to say I think I’ve fallen in love. The artwork is just amazing.

    I’m jealous of your ability to draw people without ever making their fingers look broken and such. (something I’ve never been able to do). It’s been a fantastic journey from the first page until now and I hope the story and art will continue evolving as it has done. (also, thanks for the tutorials earlier on.)

    1. Hey! Welcome. 🙂

      Unfortunately I think you picked an awful time to start reading since the site got hacked recently and I’m still fixing it. I think page 74 is actually COMPLETELY missing so that can be a fun new surprise for you once I re-upload it, haha. Anyway, thank you! 🙂 I’m pretty sure the story and art will continue to evolve, since that’s pretty much my entire goal. Glad you’re enjoying the comic!

      Hands are something I try to tackle head on since they’re suuuper important for storytelling as far as body language goes. And I think a lot of people forget they can just use their own non-dominant hand as a reference most of the time, which is all I really do. And, you know, practice. No good tricks here!

  15. Good News, Everyone !

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