Never mind that last scene, I’m sure it wasn’t even important. And it’s been a while since we’ve seen this handsome devil.

As promised, new vote incentive, and it’s the much in-demand sketch of Galak with his hair tied back. You strange people.

It’s gotten SUPER cold here. I just know the Canadians/Russians/Scandinavians/etc. in the audience are rolling their eyes right about now, but my flat is very poorly heated so you can just all go roll your eyes right into a volcano. It started snowing this evening, so I’ve been forced to move my entire desktop set up (multiple monitors, office chair and all) into our living room because my room is too cold to inhabit now. It was either this or no new pages ’til spring, so…

It’s working out well so far, except it’s made me painfully aware of how much awful wrestling my flatmates watch. It is so terrible. So terrible! Oh my god. It is awful.


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  1. You know, a true Siberian is not someone who knows no cold, but someone who knows how to dress for cold weather. So do whatever you need to keep warm. Maybe set the TV on fire. Lots of warmth due to burning plastic AND no godawfull wrestling in the background. On the other hand, you can just keep some rendering process or calculation of pi or something running in the background to keep your Processor constantly under high workload. this turns your PC into a pretty decent heater, especially if you can make the graphics card work too.

    1. genius.

      1. also, galak with his hair tied back is looking gooood.

        1. This seems to be the consensus! I’ll get in touch with his stylist.

      2. On the other hand, burning your TV set would probably release toxic fumes and kill you, ending the comic permanently…

  2. “Our kinda secret military assasin killed your husband by accident.
    *raises eyebrow*
    But he had it coming. Taking the renegade with him and all that.
    My heart is made of stone, so I am not even sorry.
    I will scoff at your futile emotions,
    now tell me where this former lover of yours has run to,
    so I can kill this one as well.”

    This going to be an awesome conversation.

    1. It’s fine, I’m sure they’ll just exchange cupcake recipes and he’ll be on his way.

      1. I can totally see Danil in the kitchen with a frilly apron on preparing a batch of cupcakes with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles…. **Hint Hint, maybe next vote incentive?** lol

      2. The secret ingredient is the tears of children whose parents have been freshly killed. Gives it that extra pep.

  3. Any thoughts on getting this on inkoutbreak.

    1. Yes, actually! I’ve had enough nudges in that direction that I’ve put it on my to-do list. I still don’t know exactly what it entails, but I’ll endeavour to find out.

  4. W-why would you do that???

    Aaannywaaayyyy next vote incentive, EVERYONE with their hair tied back! >:D It looks good on Galak, though.

    1. 😀

      Actually, I think all of the main characters have had their hair tied back to some degree at some point, barring Rhea and Lethe.

  5. Damn, Galak! Looking good!

    1. Bastards always do. 😉

  6. It was snowing in Colorado until yesterday and had been snowing since Friday. It’s much colder than what I’m used to but it should heat into the upper 40’s (degrees F) in the next few days at least. Having a pair of thermal insulating gloves helps a lot. (Read: they remove all dexterity from your hands but keep them toasty!) I wish I had a scarf and a good pair of insulated pants though.

    And yeah, we’re sorry we killed your husband, we meant to kill your estranged boyfriend… This is going to boil over well.

    1. Unfortunately I need dexterity in my hands to actually write and draw the comic, so I’m stuck with inferior-but-hobo-chic fingerless gloves right now. Got a good hat and scarf, though.

      It’s honestly not as cold here as it could be, but my flat is just so abysmally difficult to heat that it’s become a real problem. I spent most of last winter working on my laptop in our living room, but my laptop’s nearly packed it in, so… desktop it is.

      1. I’ve got another pair of gloves where typing and writing is a possibility if you have small fingers (which I don’t…) but they’re no where near as warm. My dorm room is fairly warm though, and I had the presence of mind to move my desk next to the floor heater at the beginning of the semester.

        Last winter was worse though, it was so cold one couldn’t think, even inside sitting next to a fireplace. All you could think about was “gee my left side is burning up and my right side is freezing, I should turn around…” They canceled school that day not because of the snow but because it was so damn cold that the buses wouldn’t start!

  7. The thing to do is somehow get your flat-mates to wrestle (in a designated area away from your command and communications hub) where they can satisfy their craving for obscene body contact sport (get them masks- that might help) and at the same time keep the room warm with the calories produced.
    One time when I lived in a VERY cold place I set up a tent inside my room- the room was still cold but inside the tent it was WARM and TOASTY!

    -Also, the conversation in that hospital room will probably raise the temperature there a few degrees as well!

    1. Fortunately them just sitting in the same room watching the tv does produce enough heat to keep things tolerable, though if the temperature does dip more I’ll be sure to keep this in mind. 🙂

      Good idea with the tent! I don’t think I could fit it over my whole desk, however.

      1. This is the really cheap & low-tech kind of tent that you can stand up in with a tube frame keeping it up and stable without the need for pounding holes in the floor. No good in the wind, but marvellous at keeping the cold out, with nice still warm air inside. You would have to move your desk into the tent. Some of these tents are very large…
        Maybe if you just made them some LUCHA-style wrestling masks they would get the idea. Start calling themselves by names like “The Doominator”, “Dr. Death” etc. (->_<-)!

      2. I almost forgot… THE HOT WATER BOTTLE ! ! Fill it from the tap & it lasts for hours, then just refill it. Wonderful heat that you put under your sweater and people will wonder why you’re smiling !

        1. Oh, believe me, I love my hot water bottle. We don’t have regular hot water so I have to boil the kettle every time I use it, but it’s still one of my most valued possessions right now.

  8. I suppose now would maybe not be a good time to mention how much I was looking forward to the angst of both men being alive and fighting for their woman?

    1. Er, oh… well, sorry about that. Saiamar’s not going to be in any sort of shape to duke it out with Lethe.

  9. That’s Galak? Damn, I’ll have to go back through the entire story again 😉

    A rather simple solution for you is to get a portable heater. They make oil-filled electrics that are quite efficient and not too expensive. The cost would be worth not having to watch WWF while you are working. Watching stunt people do fully choreographed fights isn’t my idea of entertainment either. However, I watch very little public TV.

    FYI: We have yet to see our first snowfall and right now it is raining, in Nyon, CH. We do, however, have some snow in the Jura and Verbier has opened the ski slopes. For the poster from Colorado: Switzerland is about the same latitude as Boston, Mass.

    1. Galak with tied back hair seems pretty popular. Maybe he can make a habit of it.

      Honestly, I can’t actually afford a portable heater, never mind the electricity cost of running it. I’m pretty much one step above starving artist right now. It’s a good thought though, but it had already crossed my mind. The wrestling isn’t so bad, and I can just listen to stuff on my computer while it’s on anyway.

      The snow here’s faded off for the moment, but it’s still pretty bitter and apparently it’s just going to get worse. Bah.

      1. Cheery thought girl, it’s still 13 days before its officially Winter. This is still the Fall. Run a tip-jar on your website. I’d toss a few Francs in. 😉

    2. Yeah, I’m aware of the latitude differences, but the thing that makes the biggest difference is that I’m at about 6,000 ft right now, sitting at the foot of a 14,000 ft mountain. 😉

      1. That sounds like Boulder and Mount Blanca. I was in Colorado Springs, with MCI, for years 😛 . I miss the High-Country (FTTDK*: High-Country is >6,000 feet/1,800m, below that is flatland 😉 )

        * – For Those That Don’t Know

        1. …Nooo, flat land is everything west of Utah and Wyoming and east of the front range in Colorado and south of the 4 corners.

  10. “…I’m pretty much one step above starving artist right now” – time for a “donate”-button?

    1. Yeah… I think that might be a good idea.

      1. Don´t be too optimistic – it is called “_micro_-donations” for a reason. 😉
        But it´s worth a try ´cause it doesn´t need huge investments like a merchandising-business.

        1. I don’t think I’m generally in danger of being too optimistic about most things.

        2. Then fire away – you´ve nothing to lose.

          “Many a mickle macks a muckle” 😉

        3. Wassup? Still no button! X-mess is at the doors, people are generous these days – use it!


  11. Could you please just send me the picture of Galak with his hair tied back? I want to save it on my computer, print it out, and tack it up in my room. =D Oh Galak, I love you so much.

  12. I’m Canadian, and I am not rolling my eyes at you, because I hate the cold. It’s only about 10 below here right now and it’s already too cold for me. Not looking forward to when it gets down below -30.

    The solution? Blankets!! So many blankets. Also thermal underwear.

    And I must admit that I am a fan of Galak no matter how he wears his hair. C:

  13. Plot twist! *waits for it*

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