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  1. Danil’s Channeling his inner Palpatine in that shot too.

    1. “Something something something Dark Side. Something something complete. And Lethe is reckless.”

  2. So yes, he said pretty much what I thought he was going to say.

  3. If he wasn’t the intended target then why the hell did he get stabbed?
    “We might be screw-ups, but we’re sincere about it.” (?)
    Not exactly making a case for much consideration is he?

    1. It was collateral damage- the assassin stabbed at Lethe, who deflected it by pushing the assassin’s arm away, but in doing that the assassin hit Saiamar instead.

      Unless there’s another plot going on and Saiamar was the intended target this ENTIRE TIME! [gasp] The thot plickens.

      1. REAL assassins don’t miss. This must be the result of shoddy contract-work.
        Meanwhile, On The Art Front, lovely beams of light, and his most formal composition center of the arch! Oh yes. He is serious.
        -I hope you didn’t get that back sore by wrestling. TV will not only rot your mind but also ruin your back. (?)

        1. Which is clearly why Saiamar WAS the intended target!

  4. Regarding the aching back: While it may not sound too compelling at the moment you may consider some form of climbing or bouldering or something. I for one consider pure exercising boring as hell, but its a lot of fun when you are climbing on a wall. Prevents a lot of pain in the back, as long as you dont try to use your back as landing gear once you slip.

    1. This has a lot in common with hanging and stretching, only being able to relax the muscles of the back until the stress is removed. The humble sit-up exercise is also excellent, as the abdominal muscles balance the spinal column.

      1. Well yeah, thats the point – these exercises are no fun. Hanging spiderman-style from a 105° on the other hand…

        1. Calling it exercise seems wrong, because it just naturally feels good. A problem with our modern world is that people sit inert much of the time instead of moving. Climbing, using all four limbs is the best, but even going around the living room on all 4’s is theraputic.

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