Quick, change the subject. She’s tired, she totally won’t even notice.

Big shout out to Alan Evans of
Rival Angels for quickly helping me out over twitter with some very frustrating advertising issues I was having. If you like wrestling even a tiny bit you should be reading this guy’s excellent comic.

The page shuffling I mentioned in last week’s update hasn’t yet come to pass, I decided to put it off and do a bunch of extra content instead which’ll be retroactively inserted into the archive when it’s all done. I’ll be sure to mention that when it happens, but in the meantime there’s a work in progress version of a city map of Ashul as the new vote incentive.


Page 275

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  1. Well, THIS is great! He doesn’t even know what’s on the memory crystal!
    And the reason he stole it is because (?)

    1. Well… stay tuned! Same bat time, same bat channel…

      1. It’d be hilarious if it contained the documentation about the last 3 parties thrown by the military.

        1. I think its more like he found out certain information was on this particular crystal, but he doesn’t know exactly what it is…
          Besides, the military doesn’t document their parties so much as they want to forget what happened. All of those hangovers at once could be very dangerous if they reached a critical mass!

    2. Panel 4: Just beautiful!
      (only I almost don’t recognize her because she’s not angry!)

  2. She’s not angry? I think that there is the eye of the tornado; when you get so pissed off that you feel momentarily sorry for the poor idiot who will next be hit by a ton of bricks. It’s transcendental rage.

    So these glo-sticks are getting mysteriouser by the minute! Not safe! A bit like Adrianna, then, eh?
    I think it’s safe to say that the stick did cause the glyphification! Awesome.

    Gravatar courtesy of Boulet et Kek : http://www.bouletcorp.com/blog/2012/02/10/generateur-de-tetocarres/

    (has this one gone officially viral yet? : http://english.bouletcorp.com/2012/02/01/ )

    1. That comicstrip in the second link is hilarious! Thx for sharing!

    2. She doesn’t LOOK angry, but I would be keeping a safe distance!!
      What der matologe said. Really great story!
      Sort of in another direction: http://abaddoncomic.com/ The art is art.

  3. I have to say, Adrianna is one of my favorite characters in anything ever.

  4. Panel 2: IT’S A fingerTRAP

  5. Happy belated Anniversary. Very pleased to see Adrianna has in fact a multitude of expressions apart from the infinite variations of angry.

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