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  1. Awwww, Leeetthee :’(


  3. fourthingsandalizard

    So I re-read the whole archive, and this is a real nice juncture to come to. Catching up on Lethe’s motives and probably doing a calm-before-the-storm thing, ’cause stuff blows up once you get all your characters in the same place.

    My call on the plot (maybe right, maybe not) is that Adrianna comes out of the encounters here and in the near future with her own agenda, instead of just drifting as she has so far.

  4. So Galak, (or someone else in the rebel group) put the explosives at the data-center. Then Lethe reached an agreement with an Imaran official, who got stabbed, but now maybe not by accident. ( ! ! ! ! ! )
    -Another lovely page-
    @fourthingsandalizard: Yes, it could be a new motivator for both of them, (provided they survive the next few minutes!)

  5. Still enjoying this comic a lot!
    Also: Plot!

  6. Nice!
    I foresee a catalytic role for the green stick.
    And chaos and mayhem, of course…

  7. @Andreas you forgot to add a certain someone kicking a whole load of ass… although, I guess that she would then be the cause of the chaos and mayhem…

  8. Nice Lethe! Knowing the issues Adrianna has with the military, you were going to commit an act of espionage and then bugger off to an asylum without her?!?!?

    I wouldn’t be surprised is Adrianna completely blows it here.

  9. The scars in the second panel look awesome. Like that a lot.

  10. @Nistur : Yes, the Chaos and Mayhem will sublimize at Adrianna’s fists, then alternately be raining down on her, culminating with thunderstorms in the west and south. And remember, a wildfire warning has been given for everywhere, until such a time as Adrianna intersects with a hammock under a pair of palm trees, and a handsome manservant bringing a steady stream of Ashurian Mage-distilled Niluvagal 50year Single T’lam… or something to that effect.

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