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  1. Holy cow that was an important chapter, now I should re-read it…

  2. …urgm can we please get back to pleasant cities and moody rain?
    My head is starting to hum from all this plot.
    And whoever just showed up…
    he sure got Lethe scared.
    Danil, perhaps? He is the only one that knows her name, wouldn’t it.

    Gorgeous page, Rose.
    Lethes face in the penultimate really nails the *unpleasantly surprised* look.

    1. I´m pretty sure it´s Danil. This would also explain Lethe´s expression. But i´m also pretty sure Bracken is (ninja´ing) around. >:-)

      1. Hooray for Showdown!!

    2. I thought maybe it was the realization of “wow, he is eight already”

  3. I’m hanging out for this whole thing to be published so I can properly get to grips with it all.

    I can offer you some space on our servers free of charge if you like. Can’t guarantee 100% uptime, but one of them’s been up for a year and a half without a reboot ;).

  4. I really like the mood of this page! You never seize to amaze 😀

  5. Airin always seems to be running- !
    Anyway, the atmosphere is close to being like deja vu in the background image. Great work. Its like being there in the fragrant air.
    That having been said, there’s some ugly moments ahead, I think.

  6. That was a helluva revelatory chapter. I cannot wait to see what’s next on the horizon.

  7. You are full of awesome sauce!
    Well done girl!

  8. Bookmarked.

    Stumbled across this today. “Paradigm Shift–>”Trying Human”–>”Red Moon Rising”
    Rose, mah dear…. fantastic read so far…. draws me back to old classics like Sandman and The Dark Knight. I look forward to seeing where you go with this project.


  9. I’m surprised no one has said anything, but did you change your inking/coloring process in the last two pages?

    1. I think that’s the lighting change. I’ve noticed the color/inking has been pretty varied in the last couple chapters.

  10. Completely off the wall here, is that a giant number 1 in the bottom right of the last panel, or does it just look like it? When I saw it I went back through the rest of the comic to see if I had missed some giant count down. I realize it’s probably just how the art turned out, but it threw me for a minute there…

    1. Er, no, that’s just a pillar.


      1. It’s the giant countdown

        Da-na-na-na da-na-na-na-na da-na-na-na-na…

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