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  1. *Thank you for spelling that out for me.

  2. Oh my goodness, I absolutely -love- the facial expressions on this page. Hell, the word bubbles too. They just go so perfectly together.

  3. Well that went well…
    Thanks for clearing up any lingering doubts what-so-ever, with absolutely no need for guessing or further debate.
    Another beautiful page, and I particularly like the dialogue.
    She realizes now that as an Auntie she will have to clean up her act.

  4. fourthingsandalizard

    Adrianna has realized that the child is Lethe before being sent back in time by Renshou to assassinate Bracken before he got so damn handsome.

    1. AHAAA!

      Also, I like the puny silhouette of Airin in the second panel. Pretty puny and adorable.

  5. Does Adrianna know about Lethe and Renshou?

  6. “It makes so much sense now! Now I really have to kill you!”

    I love the look on Lethe’s face in the last panel.

  7. Congrats _AUNTIE_ Adrianna! 😀

  8. Oh my!! I love Adrianna’s face in that last panel! Priceless!!! 😀

    1. I know, right? It made my day! So awesome :DD

      1. She’s totally going OMG! … O M G!!!
        But without the G-thang… 🙂

  9. Love the shaft of ’light dawning’ on Arianna in the last three panels.

  10. “Believe it or not, this page was delayed for dialogue rewriting. Sigh.”

    Isnt it funny how its the smallest dialog’s which cause the most problems? =)

  11. but are you sure?

  12. “Believe it or not, this page was delayed for dialogue rewriting. Sigh.”

    Minimalism can be hard, but I don’t think you could have doen it any better.

  13. Personally I think it’s the realization of all the future babysitting that has her so overwhelmed.


  15. Dam now I’m going to have to go reread it since i don’t get it.

    1. Ohh I see, got a much clearer picture of whats going on.

  16. So he does know. Being wrong about that pleases me ridiculously. Welcome to the knew-it-all-along club, Lethe!

    Now I will hope, hope, hope that I am also wrong about what Adrianna might REALLY be looking at in that last panel. Because it would be so hilarious and appropriate if that was her reaction to being an aunt… and it’s really OK that we haven’t seen Danil for a little bit, I can wait a little longer…

    1. Oh man, you had to remind Rose about Danil! Next she’ll throw our favorite badass commissar into the scene to keep it from getting too mushy!

      1. I did tell her that I could wait. I’m enjoying the mushy approximately as much as I enjoy our favorite badass – win-win situation, really.

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