Surprise! Or, you know, not.

I just realised I should probably mention I’m going to have a table at
Dee-Con on April 7th! If you show up I will draw you things in exchange for money! Exclamation mark!

I’ve never been to a con before, so I suspect this is going to fascinating/terrifying.


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  1. That guy needs to be followed around by a hidden orchestra playing his creepy theme-song!

    1. I think the imperial march will suffice.

      1. He did say “creepy theme song” non?

  2. Dun dun DUUNNNNN!

    “Well, now that we’re all here, let’s have a tea party!”

    1. It’s like you read the script or something!

  3. Dude, Dundee actually has a con like that? Didn’t realise there was one within easy travel distance of me in Perth. Woohoo I guess

    1. Yep! You should come along, it’s free after all. And you get to vacate Perth, which is an added bonus. 😀

      1. Quiet you, Perth is a sexy city. How big is it likely to be? I can’t imagine it’ll be on the same scale as the ones in the States

        1. Sorry, six years in Dundee requires me to make fun of Perth at any possible opportunity. I’m pretty sure I signed a contract to that effect when I moved here.

          Also, I suspect it’s not going to be super big…? I have no idea at all to be honest, I’ve never been to the con (or any con, as I hinted in the news post) so… since it’s free and held in the student union I’m thinking not very massive at all. But I’ll totally give you a free high five if you show up and mention you’re a reader. How can you say no?

        2. Haha I can’t blame you to be honest xD And yeah it sounds awesome, worth having a look. I’ve never been to any con either, so yeah.. the free high five has me sold though, curse you :p

  4. I’ve heard from others attending comic-cons: a good way to get the latest virus!
    Tips include regularly disinfecting your hands, and trying to be up-wind when those cute little kids in costumes have to sneeze…

    1. Ugh, if I get ill again I’ll have to throttle someone. On the one hand, I’m expecting a much more student-y crowd at this con and not many little kids, but on the other hand I expect students are just as disease-ridden, so…

    2. O.M._F!_.G. You sound exactly like my american p*ssy-colleague (male, btw). GAH! Will you people ever understand that “disinfection” is the _problem_, not the solution?! How do you think “Immune System” works? Jeez, really. *rolleyes*

      @ Rose: Congrats to your premiere! Do you know Jason Brubaker from reMind? He had also his premiere last year in San Diego, and he blogged about it: Maybe you can gather some thougts/ideas from his “first time experience”? See also his other topics on that, they´re around page 8 and 9 currently. Have fun!

      (Too sad all cheap flights from Hamburg are booked out due to easterdays, and my only car is not quite road legal currently…)

      1. Ha ha! Acquired immunity is what you get in your local neighborhood. But when you go to another place (like New Zealand- remember that?) or lots of people from other places come to one place, this can be a heavy shock to your immune system, which then acquires immunity because you get sick and produce antibodies, or you die.
        You still have choices, even when you’re in an environment that’s practically toxic. A few simple precautions can prevent a lot of unpleasant suffering (or even death!)

        1. Hahaha, you should listen to yourself! I literally can see the hordes of toxic-virus-sneezing shock-death toddler-zombies flooding Dundee. ROFL!!
          AngstAngstAngst ToxicVirusDeathDeathDeath OhmigoooodDieDieDie. *g*

        2. Hahahahahahaha!!! We’ve only known about viruses for about 100 years, and some people still don’t believe that anything so small could possibly hurt them.
          The First World War killed 16 million.
          The Influenza Virus of 1918 killed 50 million (in less than a year.)
          Not that anything at all will happen for the Dee-Con.
          However that doesn’t mean that taking a few precautions doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re in the above group of really stupid people.

        3. You´re US-American, right?

        4. Correct. And you’re German? or a Brit in Germany?

        5. Either it´s 7 levels, or Rose pulled the plug. 🙂

          @Glennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn: Ze former. 🙂

        6. Yeah, the comments only nest 7 levels deep to keep it from turning into an awful mess. You’ll have to have your germ fight at this level, I’m afraid!

        7. so, 7 levels it is? Challenge accepted. 8))

  5. Dude the only reason I have been to D con in the past was just in case you were there. I’ll do my best to find you this time!

    1. Also, Adrianna’s hair is absolutely stunning. I have never been so jealous of an imaginary character.

      1. =D THAT’S really jealous- maybe you could just get something drawn and painted so you could wear it (and be stunning!)at an instant’s notice!
        This would undoubtedly start a hot new trend!!!!

    2. You know, as one of the few commenters here who has my phone number, you could’ve just checked whether I’d be there or not, haha. 🙂 The last couple of years I’ve always missed it for whatever reason, usually I had to be in Glasgow for something important. But not this year! Looking forward to seeing you there!

      1. Yep, nothing dragging you down to Glasgow this year to get you out of this.

        Man, you’re going to have *fans* there. I honestly wish I’d be there to see that. Not that I think you’d be bad at this, I just think it would be really interesting to see how you handle people coming up to you going “omg it’s YOU!” in a convention environment. My money is on that you’ll handle it well, but if you manage anything hilarious like tripping over and accidentally headbutting a fan to death you have to promise to let us all know.

  6. Uh oh, is Ren going to turn Lethe over to Danil?

    1. …well, that or they’re all there for the Sunday matinée.

    2. I put 20 bucks on Bracken. >:-))

  7. Oi, NOW when is it updating? I seem to have missed one, and that’s bad for the humors, at least according to Old Man Smithers…

  8. I love how expressive the body language is on this page. Adrianna defensively hunched over, Danil’s approach, Ren looking away – a lot of subtexts adding up to a wonderfully tense page.

    I’m hoping that someday, years from now, you’ll come to a con in the States. And that by then I’ll be earning enough to make it to MY first con, and pay you to draw something. In the meantime, g’luck with this first one!

  9. ^_^` I get the odd sensation that Galak and Adrianna are going to become VERY close…

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