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Uff, sorry about the delay on this page. I wish I could blame it on the ridiculous unseasonable snowfall we just got, but mainly I’m just having trouble juggling everything plus con preparation. It’s a confusing new world for me, but hopefully it’ll work out in the end. As I said in the last post, I shall be at
Dee-Con this Saturday! If you stop by and mention you’re a reader I will totally give you a high five.

Edit: Can confirm I’ll be selling prints at Dee-Con! I left the printing quite late so I wasn’t entirely sure, but I have them to hand now and probably won’t be selling them over the site, so… do show up! They came out pretty damn fine, if I do say so myself.


Page 282

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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the american comic culture, but there were probably a lot of decent works and the last couple of panels made me think that your drawing style has surpassed even the better ones by now. Really professional work and always a great start for a day do see a new update on your page.

    1. Oh man, trust me when I say there are definitely better American-style comic artists out there than me, though I really appreciate the compliment. 🙂 This guy is my absolute favourite influence right now. Look at this! Insane skill.

      1. Pretty good stuff, but yours is colored. That deffinitely counts for something. It’s probably considered more badass among artists to convey a story completely in b/w but I like your pages better.

        1. Oh, it’s coloured in the final book, just by a separate colourist. I don’t think it’s a matter of being more badass or anything, just that in that particular part of comics, artists tend to specialise and the lines tend to hold more detail than the colours.

          Ignoring colours or no, this guy is such an excellent penciller and inker. That perspective really blows my mind, it’s done so well. Definitely something I aspire to. 🙂

        2. He’s certainly good at noise. Very fast paced.
          Don’t give up your mastery of silence for that, though!
          The power of the space between acts, between words.

          Granted, it’s more Edward Hopper than Stan Lee, but it’s really powerful.

          Then again, the great thing about art is how a person with real skill can go nuts, do something completely different, and just keep improving.

          Like Blueberry compared to Arzach.

        3. Speaking of mad skillz, that french guy made another fastforwarded drawing video…
          It’s speeded up, but that’s still amazing.
          For a longer work, look at the “I love steampunk” cartoon he made… all improvised:

          Look at the complex machinery and the cramped spaces and perspectives, all of it straight in, no sketch, then watercolored.
          Name of John Boulet.

        4. Huh, that guy really does kick ass. Also, he seems to enjoy drawing machinery quite a lot.

  2. Nice oval framing there!
    Half action and half speech, subtle.

    Now, I’m sure Adrianna will listen to reason and step aside, right?

    On the other hand, the cover for this chapter is sort of telling me somthing sad will happen.

    1. I try to thumbnail quite carefully these days, I thought this was a good one. 🙂

      And knowing what we know about Adrianna? I’m sure she’ll definitely see reason and leave. Can’t win ’em all.

  3. I need clarification! This is in a different country than Ashul, I’m assuming, yes? So what authority does Danil have trying to arrest Lethe? I don’t see Danil as a rule-breaker/bender.

    1. Correct! This whole section is taking place in the city of Dakaia, in Imara, Renshou’s home turf. And honestly, Danil has no authority. He’s gotten this far on rhetoric, reputation, and veiled threats. You’re also right that he’s not much a rule breaker. But he’s also the single, solitary character who knows what’s on the crystal Lethe took…maybe it’s just that important?

      1. Lets not forget he has more magic in him then a half-elf/half-unicorn.
        He could shield from explosions, and I guess he will have some more rather nasty tricks up his sleeves.
        Poor luck for our Human-Lighter (for she isn’t even close to being a torch).

        Wait. There is still a chance of the boy learning magic. Albeit weak one.
        I mean Adrianna does have magic?
        Or is it inherited from the parent they do not share with each other,
        for they are only half-siblings?

        So many questions, so many questions.

        And have fun at your con!

  4. She looks pretty badass in that last panel. Go Adrianna!

    1. Yes, “Lioness” was my first association.

      And on the Dee-Con: Rose, we want pix! 🙂

  5. This page is so awesome. I love the action progression panels behind Danil and how they convey a sense of… timing? As a fan of comic books, I approve.

  6. By the way, Renshou is now able to protect her son, or tell him to run and not look back.
    That could mean that one blonde who’s a long way from home has just lost his hold on the situation…

  7. Gloriously epic!

  8. Somewhat confuzzled. Is Adrianna the older sibling? I feel like it was established somewhere that Lethe was the elder, but Adrianna does a lot more of the protecting/wheedling/etc.

    Also, love Danil’s face in that second-to-last panel. awesooommmmmmmeeeeee

    1. Lethe is the older one but Adrianna is the one responsible for face melting, face punching and face getting cut up by shrapnel.
      Also, there are different aproaches to a problem here. While Lethe tries to think of a plan beforehand, Adrianna probably tries to think of an excuse why she facemeltedpunched someone afterwards.

    2. Just as Kosake said, Adrianna is in fact younger, but grew into the elder sibling role as the two of them got older. Unfortunately, Lethe’s just a bit of a… screw up.

  9. Love the comic so far kav, keep writing so I can keep reading.

    1. Hey Jack! 🙂 Shall do! Not gonna stop any time soon.

  10. What has to happen here hmmm. Light him up and watch him run around like a headless chicken till he runs into the pillar, thus putting out the fire and his consciousness too.

  11. I do hope that you are having a wonderful time a D-Con. May your head be kind to you on Easter morning 😉

    Bon soirée

    1. Ha! No need to worry about me, I’m boring and don’t drink. 🙂 But the con was great!

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