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  1. Hmm. That doesn’t seem like her “cooperative” face.

    Actually, have we ever seen her cooperative face?

    1. She is cooperative. This is her cooperative face.

      1. That’s also the page where my bookmark is…because I absolutely love her relaxed and cooperative faces.

        1. There are 2 full faces where that link currently lands. One of them is a bearded man getting up grumpily, the other is a less-bearded man looking displeased. I’m going with Adrianna channeling her inner lumberjack.

  2. GA hahahahahaha! I heart her. Even if this ends really, really, really badly.

    No, I’ll be honest:
    Especially if.

  3. Ooh, I love the last panel. She’s gonna go down swinging.

  4. Oh dear god whydoyouonlyupdateonceaweek.

    1. Because comics are hard. 🙁

      1. I don’t mind waiting when the art is this good! 🙂

  5. Definitively

  6. The name of this page is officially ohsnap.jpg

  7. Her face in the last three panels = sad, mad and baaaaad. (or should that be ’badass’?)

  8. While my fixation on Adrianna punching faces is probably getting old, I’m just going to say:
    If the next comic contains a facepunch, it’ll make my whole week.
    If the ENTIRE NEXT COMIC is a splash of facepunch, it’ll make my whole month.

    1. Not just a facepunch.. but a ’flaming’ facepunch =)

  9. This page is especially well-done. Lethe is a butthead. ADRIANNA’S GOT HER GO FACE OOOOOONNNNN

  10. I’m kind of wondering whose face she’ll punch. It could hit her brother just the same as the guy who’s name I can never remember…

  11. Ohoooh. She’ll transform into Super Saiyan: the runes on her face are going down much further than usual.

    1. Nah, they’re not. Same two runes as always, I’m afraid.

      1. Oh! Too bad, then I just imagined it. 😀 I guess I just hoped for it, so she could stand a chance against Danil. XD

      2. Just outta curriosity, if her power did ’grow’ at some point.. would those runes also lengthen? (cant remember what someone said befor.. that their marked at ’testing/birth’ with the runes?)

        1. Her power wouldn’t grow, it’s a static inherited trait. Even if it did the runes wouldn’t lengthen to accomodate it, they’re carved on as a channeling aid at an early age, soon after a person manifests magic. It helps the user utilise their magic more safely, and it’s also a requirement of law – a branding, if you will. Something of a carry-over from when mages were in the minority.

        2. What do the runes mean? I had sort of figured that she has only one rune, since she only does fire… but if she has two, and they’re branded on, do they then read “Weakest-grade Pyromancer”?
          Or “Beware-of-fire, but-only-a-little”?
          Or “Hardly Pyromancer”? 😀

          That would explain her temper, and why she deserted… and why they didn’t bother getting her back… :p

          The last three frames:
          1:”Ok, it’s over… I have to just let it happen”.
          2:”Come ON feet, step aside, we can do this!”
          3:”Runes, feet, NO! Bad runes! Bad feet! Augh! Bad, bad, bad fists!!!”

          She just can’t help herself, can she?

        3. Ahh ok, like i said, was just currious 🙂

  12. Please start and epic magic battle! EVERYONE wants to see an epic magic battle.

    1. Surely not.

      1. EVERYONE except Lethe and Danil, then? And Ren, I guess.

        I think Danil’s twigged to Miss Relaxed-and-Cooperative’s excellent “stepping aside” skills, but hey. He can hope.

      2. Pffff why would we? My favourite part of the last Twilight book was when all the vampires with magic powers lined up for an epic magic battle and instead of fighting they talked and then went home. I reckon you should do that here.

  13. Awesome. Fantastic page. (Apparently I was a bit behind — I missed the brother-sister embrace a few pages back, too. It was a little heart-breaking, you do amazing things with images and very few words. I’m impressed.)

  14. I’m sure she’s gonna burn his face XDDDDD

  15. The three stages of grief: “sadness”, “Anger” and, “hell no!!!”

  16. Tsk, he’s not gonna let that go when he finds out, Lethe. Way to inadvertently start Nation War 3.

    Sneaky, sneaky.

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