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  1. Wahey! Face-punch for the win! I think I’ve forgotten what type of mage Danil is. Or has it not yet been specified? I think it would be humourous if he was water, which judging by the blue strike, I think he is.
    *hanging of the edge of my seat for the next update*

  2. Adrianna uses falcon punch!

    Danil is taken by surprise!

    Danil counters…

    1. Fairly good stance, but a bad first strike against a superior opponent. Better to have struck upwards and back with your palm, forcing the jaw backwards in its socket. It might have hit a nerve and droppped him right there. Then…?

      1. I’d have gone for the upward strike, with the heel of the palm. Attempt to break the nose and drive the cartilage up into the brain for the quick kill. Seeing as by the tomes worth of runes on his face, she is seriously outclassed for taking any comebacks.

        1. Yeah, about that… it doesn’t actually work like that.
          Standard “movie explanation” with no basis in reality.

          I’d have gone for the old Fingers-under-the-eyeballs; works great… even without burning fingers!!

  3. This page is amazing. The best as of yet, and i can’t WAIT to see what happens 🙂

  4. …These runes spell some serious ass-kicking.
    Poor Adrianna won’t have a chance.
    I like how the last panel get dissolved by a wash of magic.
    (is that how you describe it? idk)

    By the way: people, press the TWC button. RMR was in the top 100 once,
    lets make this happen again!

  5. Beautiful! *_*

  6. Ooh, bad move… Yes, let’s provoke the mage who has at least three times the power that you have! There is no way this could end badly. Nowayatall.

    Deus ex Brackena? Anyone?

      Or maybe Deus ex Galaka. That would be fiiine with me <3

      1. I thought about that one as well, but the scene’s already set up for a Brackena, and Galaka didn’t roll of the tongue quite as well.

        I’m all about tongue-rolling-offy-word-thingies.

  7. And it doesn’t only feel good, it also:

  8. Punching people in the face is an amusing habit. 😀

  9. This is by far my favorite page! xD

  10. Ah, a southpaw roundhouse, smooth move. But if you’re going to smack someone like Dan’l you’ve simply got to make the first one count. Because if it doesn’t put him down or at least daze him immediately then life is going to get very painful very quickly. 😉

    Then again, she probably knows this 🙁

  11. Pros:
    – He doesn’t have that red mark that the weather-changer did
    – If any support’s coming she’s just given them the perfect time to shoot

    -that was the extent of her power
    -OP counter incoming
    -Likely no assistance from the one standing behind all of this as she has her kid back

  12. I think we would have been at least a little disappointed if she hadn’t *nod*

    Awesome flow of action too! It feels quite epic!

  13. Soemtimes i find myself wishing i could give flaming punches/kicks… would help to make people ’not’ want to pick on me heh. (grew up a mili-brat, dad was an army ranger) Schoolyard bullies got one heck of a suprize from me one year when they got their arses handed to them by a skinny girl XD.

  14. Man, I love her! I’ve been DYING to punch Danil this whole scene!

  15. *cheers in an empty room, and is immediately very glad the room is empty*

  16. I don’t think the old pages look that terrible. Really.
    On the other hand: you seem to be very content about how your skill has developed. And that can only be good.

    also: MORTAL KOMBAAAAT!!!1

  17. Oh dear, it looks like Danil has a fair bit more… /potential/ AND can take a punch. (though I dont know how he recovered that quickly and can strike an effective blow whilst falling /away/ call it magic I guess without the kinetic force of a normal punch) Still I can see her brother stepping in… and then defusing the situation.

  18. Whoever didn’t see that coming…

  19. FALCOONNN………..

  20. Uhhh… Rose..? Could you link any new pages in the newspost when you’re done rearranging? I’ll probably go through all the comic again anyways but just to be sure there are no missing pages…

    1. Shall do! The rearrangement’s finished now, and I just finished renumbering every single page (renumbering alone took five straight hours, ugh) so if you want to read through now’s a good time. The archive page hasn’t been updated at all yet, but I’ll try and get to that tomorrow. There’s a couple of gaps in the page count, but that’s due to three missing cover pages (chapter 3, 4 and 5) and two city maps (Dakaia and Seras Daya) that I haven’t done yet, but plan to add in later. The chapter covers (and new maps) are now included in the overall page count too.

      Anyway, I’ll cover all the changes more coherently in the next news post. Hope you find the new scene order an improvement. 🙂


    I can die happy now.

  22. In the glory of this page, I re-did page 80 for you:

    1. You should probably continue this trend. 😀

    2. Oh my gosh. This is incredible. <3

      1. Never thought my high-quality doodles would get this much love c:

    3. Bwawaahahahahaha… nice one 😀

    4. Eeehehehe, I love it!

    5. Glorious.

  23. <3 Wonderful art!

    Do you plan to ever sell prints of your comic? Of all the webcomics I've been reading, this is the only one I'd really really want a printed book of!

  24. This is cliche but… “hey man, nice shot”

  25. Rose, the art in Red Moon Rising has been remarkable from page one and Chapter 14 is amazing. There isn’t much on this level—Girl Genius around the time it won Outstanding use of Color and recent dream*scar come to mind. IMO Unsounded’s the only consistent competitor to Red Moon.

  26. Damn! I just discovered RMR recently and I am catching up on the Archives (I’m all the way back in Chapter 3 right now), but on a lark I checked out this current page. Whoa. This art is amazing. I’ll have to read faster to catch up to it!

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