Doof! Danil’s shield makes another appearance.

Ok! Some of you perceptive people may be wondering why last week’s page was numbered 266, while this week we’re up to 288. I did a bit of a reorganising of the first 100 pages of the comic for story clarity, and also added some new pages (maps and covers, not scenes) which has bumped the page count up. I’ve also added all the existing covers to the page count, so it’s more reflective of the actual number of pages. Anyway, a change log if you will:

Main Cover
Map of Ashul
Map of Ashul City
Chapter 2 Cover
Map of Imara
Map of Rishara Caan

The story’s been condensed down into 14 chapters (from 15) so we’re on chapter 14 now. A lot of the news posts are still wonky (for example, talking about it being page 100 on what is now page 112) and I’ll be fixing those gradually. All filler and fanart has been removed from the archive, and fanart has been moved to the gallery.

I’ll be adding covers for chapters 3, 4 and 5 soon, as well as city maps for Dakaia and Seras Daya. There are spots reserved in the archives for those and I’ve renumbered with that in mind, so pages 62, 63, 81, 97 and 158 are currently “missing”. I’ll also be changing the emblems on Ashul armbands to match the new design shown on the Ashul map. Phew.

TL;DR: The comic’s better, now featuring more maps! If you were planning on going through the archive, now’s a great time to do it.


Page 288

0 thoughts on “Page 288

  1. Whoops, bad idea, as usual. (beat you Ink!)

    1. Oh. Oh I see.

      Well I’m so sorry that I have a life. ;D

      1. I love that you guys are politely quipping over getting the first comment rather than arguing. It’s delightful.

        1. Was that sarcasm? That was sarcasm, right?

          Was it?

          god I am so bad at this

        2. Oh! No, not at all. I much prefer this people going FIRST and then getting into fights over it. You guys are cool. <3

  2. And holy smokes! Those maps are insanely awesome (as is this page)

    1. Thanks! The maps were a lot of fun, a nice change of pace. 🙂

  3. …it’s super effective!

    1. I don’t know about you, but I’m imagining one of those Pokémon battles where your Charizard just used flamethrower on a level four Caterpie.

      adrianna is the caterpie

      1. I was continuing from a comment I made on the previous comic, which I ended with “Danil counters…”

  4. That fanart of Bracken isn’t in the fanart section…?

    1. Which one? Bracken has far too much fanart for a minor character, haha. But yes, if I missed one I’m happy to fix that.

    2. Oh wait, I think I tracked it down. Is it the one mentioned in the newspost here? Because I did totally miss that one as it didn’t have its own post. Shall add it to the gallery ASAP.

      1. Yars, that’s it! Yayyyy, I completely forgot which page it was on ;____;

        Also, that alternate title page with Danil on it. That must be immortalized at any cost.

  5. The lighting in this comic is a joy to see, every time, without exception.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I do love me some extreme lighting.

  6. I know it’s been said a thousand times, but the lighting is SUPERB! Then again, what isn’t in this comic? =P

  7. I LOVE the new maps!
    Keep on truckin’ …

  8. …or maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Hope she scratched him at least.
    Oh and the new maps are absolutely fabulous c:

  9. please make this into a poster? just, Adriana flying through the air. its epic…

    1. Well then you have a ton of images to choose from! She tends to fly through the air willingly and unwillingly often enough.

  10. I think its cool that you take the time to make your comic a living work of art by reorganizing and retooling. Also, I love the “this is going to hurt” expression in the first panel.

  11. We’ll all hope she lands in the lake as opposed to beelining it for one of those pillars.

  12. There was a silence.. a pause as Kyethn’s avid readers could only wait in suspenseful awe. Till there was once again an update..



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