Sorry for missing last week’s update, headed up north for a wedding and got stuck in Inverness longer than I expected. Oh, elusive buffer. Some day you shall be mine.


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  1. I need a time machine. Mondays are too far apart.

    (Still holding out for a Deus ex Brackena…)

  2. I had no idea his face could get any more murderous…

    In other news, you’ve been watching too much wrestling. Or not enough, as the case may be, since you appear to be using wrestling footage as a drawing reference…

  3. I love your reference video, Edge is awesome. He actually lives pretty close to me, I’ve met him a few times. Really nice guy when the wrestling cameras aren’t on lol.

  4. Grab glowy fist.
    Make him punch himself.
    Magic released.

    1. @Crestlinger: he would have to yell “Stop hitting yourself!” for the flawless victory


    Sibling bond ftw.

  6. It’s grim when you’re oop norf.

    Yes, I’ll get my coat. Yes, the no’wester. Yes, I’ll be going now.

  7. I know this is late, but I like your maps. Yes… Maps are good.

  8. go go don’t get killed!

  9. So he is capable of showing some balls!

    1. He doesn’t lack ballz.
      He lacks power and so must tackle fights another way to stay alive.
      Hope that “hug” included a knife in the belly for Danil or the good brother is about to get killed or used as hostage.

      1. Lets hope that the so called hug did not include a good shanking, Danil is like the second coolest character around.

        1. Danil is probably going to get shot by Bracken with his sniper rifle. That is my prediction. 🙂

        2. Yeah, I could’ve said that differently. I meant that for once he /fought back/ instead of just running away.

  10. Oh My, this ain’t gonna be pretty

  11. Danil has lost his temper. Not really senior officer material.

  12. Damn…I remember this webcomic from way back. I just found it again and re-read it all. Now, I’m right here, and it’s…like “WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?” Gah!


    I suppose I’d better do my homework now. Stupid HTML5 summer course. Why can’t they offer it in the Fall?…


  13. I can see it coming;
    Any moment now: Amicability!

  14. I have a very important question.

    How do you pronounce “Lethe”?

    1. Traditionally, it’s pronounced Leth-ee.

      1. To be honest I’m not much of a stickler for pronunciation – comics are a silent medium, after all, so I’m not going to insist you pronounce something “correctly” in your head.

        Having said that, I spit on Greek mythology and go with just “leth”.

        1. Yeah, I figured you had your own pronunciation for it, which is why I said, “traditionally.” 😀 I have a story with a character named Sidhe, which is traditionally pronounced She, but I’m having all the other characters pronounce it either She or Seed, depending on where they’re from.

          Hooray for creative license!

        2. If you don’t have creative license, then it just isn’t fun. If I’m being too bold, is your story on the ’net, by chance, Ink?

        3. Yes, it is, I’ve been posting it as I write it on deviantArt. It’s completely unedited, as I’m trying to do National Novel Writing Month (50,000 words, 30 days) in June and don’t have time to stop and fix things, so be warned. 😀

          Here’s the first chapter (out of four I’ve posted):http://afterthenonsequitur.deviantart.com/art/Solitaire-I-306359352

          Thank you for asking!

        4. I’ve been pronouncing it “Leyth” this entire time >______>

        5. And I on my side have pronounced it Lerp-derp…

        6. Ah yes. That would have been my second guess.

        7. …… I’ve been pronouncing it “Leeth”…

  15. You know, I feel real bad for Danil. Since the comic started, he has been in two explosions, had to near blackmail his captain to go where he needed, has been met with Adrianna’s disobedience since he found her, got to where Lethe was held only to find Saiamar had taken him before he got there, chasing a pair of siblings across lands he has not been welcome, and when he finally almost has Lethe, he tries to reason with the siblings and treat them like civil adults and gets a fiery fist to the face. I can understand his anger.

    That being said, flying Lethe hug!! That should make it all better.

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