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  1. _He’s_ fine. The flower on his bedside table? Not so much.

  2. So, after the slaughter of last chapter let’s make a round-up the characters left.
    My ’ship, check.
    Father and son, check.
    Our infallible sniper, check.
    Good. That’s all I needed.
    I’m going to enjoy when at some point (if ever) they’ll all sit together to recap the situation.

    1. Half aunt, half magic squirrel Adrianna is still alive too you know.

      It’ll be interesting to see how Adrianna will get along with her new family…

      1. wait, who do you think my ’ship is? Adrianna and Galak U.U

  3. Oh, I wonder who’ll tell him about his new marital status. Probably Senna.

    1. Look at it that way: At least they have a plausible excuse for Airin now. Trauma -> no magic. Tragic.

  4. Just goes to show, you can’t leave making haggis to no foreign assassins.

  5. Dude…I just read through this entire thing in just one sitting. I can’t wait for more!

    1. “Dude”?? Is “Rose” a male name in your part of the world? >:-)

      1. Dude has become fairly androgynous where I’m from. Dude.

        1. How post-gender…

        2. lol, what?!

          If you must, use “Dudette”. Nothing androgynous about “dude”.

          Anyway, I’m still wondering what’s gonna happen to Rose now…is she still “drafted”?

        3. Errmm…I mean Adrianna, not Rose.

        4. That’s the funny thing about slang and the English language… it’s constantly changing.

          I’m not sure they’d want her back, what with her wanton flaming and seemingly magnetic attraction to explosions– or vice-versa.

        5. Snap! I post little comment and I had no idea it was going to make a tidal wave of comments…dude. 🙂

        6. Ha! Controversial, apparently. I thought it was fine, dude. 🙂 Anyway, thanks very much for reading! Saw all your comments pop up in my email at the end of the day, it was pretty cool to see your reactions as you went.

        7. This is language, guys! It has to be SERIOUS. 😀

        8. I’m glad to brighten your day. 😀 I told my roommates all about RMR and am sending them the links today. Thanks for all the hard work!

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