From the musty, dank depths of the archives, she returns. ew, old art

Hope you guys are enjoying the new art style! I think it’s in full swing now, and I can tell you that I’m enjoying it loads. The pages are coming together in about the third of the time they were taking before, though it probably does help that I’m no longer drawing crazy mage fights. You know, for the moment, anyway.


Page 5

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  1. And todays winner is Kosake! (See page 4 comments) 🙂

    1. O_o Okay… that was… um… yeah. told you so?

  2. So, it’s been like YEARS since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been reading this comic since around page 16 I think, and it’s been cool to see it grow. I do like this new art shift, I am not sure what it is but it’s pretty unique. Taking a look at that old page you linked just shows how much you’ve improved as an artist since you started this. Speaking of which, I should probably should go back and re-read all of part 1 to make sure I get everything that happened.

    1. Thanks! The art style change is a bit hard to explain, but it’s all about value – making sure the page works without any colour – and then dropping the colour in on top of it using photoshop magic, a bit like doing colour washes with an oil painting. I could probably do a deconstruction at some point, someone might find it useful. It’s a very different method to how I was working before, at least!

      And yeah, eesh, that old art. Eugh.

      1. Ah come on, stop hating on your old art. It wasn’t all worse. Much of it was just different. New style is pretty cool, though 😉

  3. Hey, the frames changed as well! Those thick lines are actually kinda nice. Let’s see how it’ll work out later 🙂

  4. Hey now, don’t be so harsh on the old art just because the new art is absolutely GORGEOUS.

    1. I second that. Strongly.

      And it is absolutely fascinating to see how your style evolved over the years, Rose.

  5. Linework is a bit light and loose for my taste, but it works well with the omnipresent sepia you’ve become iconic for. If it helps you, then it helps.

    1. C´mon, “dude” – surely you can do better. Moar arrogance pleese, or be at least a bit entertaining.


  6. I adore the textures you use.

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