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  1. Eep! She nees the need to duck and get out of there!

  2. Yes, stare intensely at the crossbow and maybe it will burst into flames. Wait … that’s actually possible in this universe. :O

    Love the last panel.

    1. Actually, the binocular part is pretty great, too.

      1. Except that binocs make a single circle, *not* two discs next to each other. It’s a ’thing’ from TV/movies, and completely bogus. Just have to look through a pair once to know that.

        1. Honestly the fact that it’s not accurate doesn’t really matter. Having two circles like that is visual shorthand to let the viewer know that what they’re seeing now is the view through the binoculars. It’s like having a zoom in on a character to express shock/surprise/whatever – reality doesn’t work like that, but because it’s such a TV/movie thing everyone is trained to understand what it means. Otherwise it might not read as well visually, as people could take longer to realise those panels are what Rhea is seeing.

          Also to be fair the page as it is looks hella rad

        2. Uh huh. A camera zoom on a char when shocked is the same as something that totally never happens. Right. Meanwhile, it’s not me pissing on your leg. It’s actually raining.

        3. I think you both have reasonable points, but Pseudonym wasn’t rude to you – let’s try to keep things civil.

  3. oooh. That could really mess-up her nice hair!

  4. I think the broken binoculars on the chapter cover makes a bit more sense now…

  5. It looks a bit as if the guy with a telescope is waving her goodbye…

    1. He’s probably friendly.

      1. Or very, very polite.

        “Please stand still, as the peace services partake in the routine action of shooting suspicious citizens. Thank you.”

  6. Um, that can’t be good! Oo

  7. Ohhhh dear. She looks like she’s already been hit.

    1. Those times in anime where they show the face of the character in shock just before panning down to reveal a suspicious-looking bullet hole in their jacket.

  8. oooooh snap, that look of horror on here face, geez, i hope they are out of range

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