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  1. Yay! Finally another regular update! 🙂
    Hope nothing breaks down now; this comic has so much potential.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. He couldn’t see properly (without his ________) and “Thok!”
    Well you certainly do know how to make a point.
    Look at her go! Mr. Spear-man is a gonner!
    Don’t they still have that shirtless tennis in Scotland?

    1. (AKA: Wrestling)

  3. As always, loving your work

  4. Yes! Page! Full of action and awesome lighting! Yes!!

  5. Combat fail for Galak. For all that he carries a great big bloody sword he’s knocked flat by inattentiveness.

    Though I am impressed by his ability to keep his eyes open in such a vicious sandstorm. Maybe that mane of hair helps?

  6. Just finished reading through the archives. It’s been a while since I read the comic, but I’m glad to see it’s pushing on! Keep up the good work. Also, your art is still amazing. Just saying.

  7. “Thok!” is a particularly awesome sfx. 😀 So glad things are working for you now!!

  8. How in the WORLD do you manage to light things so amazingly and consistently between pages through so many changes in perspective? I cannot think of a single comic or graphic novel that I’ve read that utilizes lighting as such a major character in the storytelling, and I’ve found that it really makes a huge difference in every scene’s intensity, which means everything is that much more memorable. You either had phenomenal instructors at school, or you have an innate talent and well-developed skill to bring light so effectively into your work.

    By the way, fighting in a sandstorm? Those guards(?) are either seriously dedicated to hunting down rebels, or they are incredibly foolish. Regardless of the circumstances, this is a tremendously awe-inspiring scene. Thank you!

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