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  1. “Thok” and “Ghk” go so well together! There are so many possible scenarios where the two together, in that order, would make perfect sense.

    On a less violent note, lovely page as always! I love the dynamism in this one. Also I don’t mind seeing Galak kick butt. Not at all.

  2. GHK is good! We’ll have to wait and see if it measures up to THOK.
    These slightly twisted panels floating on the background image do visual wonders!
    You’ve been doing that for much of this story but I never get used to it. Always new!
    As noted in the comment above, it’s about time those guys opened that can of whoop-ass.

  3. But how is Rhea handling? The second panel dealie with the spear going through the panel looks really nice, by the way.

  4. … I guess that is the drawback of a spear. I was almost cheering for the random spearman, seeing as how it’s a rather underrepresented weapon in fantasy, but I’ll give Galak this one. :-p

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