Hey, New Zealand readers! Some of my good friends are trying to
kickstart a board game café in Auckland, and I would kill for something like this in Dundee, so please do check it out because hell yes, board games and cake.


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  1. Umm, the ship is out of control because of the weather?
    Or do they just like destroying things?
    (Or both?)

    1. Ha! In this instance I think it’s mostly weather related.

  2. Wow, great perspective in the last panel!

    And Ashul just loves destroying things, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks! I’m feeling a lot more confident with my sketching these days, I think it’s helping me push the angles on some shots.

  3. The Cakes & Ladders looks really good. Hope they make it a huge success.

    1. Definitely, would love to see them do well with this.

  4. Todays weather: windy with risk for airship.

    1. “…it´s raining cats and airships.”

      scnr – blame the heatwave. :-))

  5. Someone needs to retake their Airship Driving Test!

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