Nailed it! Or… they only crashed a little bit, at least.

So I started a print store on Society6 ages ago without really mentioning it to anyone, and they’re doing free worldwide shipping for the next couple of days, so feel free to
check it out! There’s only a few different prints up at the moment, but I’m looking to expand it a bit soon. If there are any panels from the archive you’d like to see as a future print, let me know!


Page 58

0 thoughts on “Page 58

  1. With every new page, I want more and more to live in the world of RMR.

    In a nightmarish, hallucinatory sort of way.

    Err, that’s a compliment.

    1. Haha! I absolutely take that as a compliment, thank you!

  2. you plan on making this into some graphic novels? id buy it 😉

    1. In theory, yes! In practice, oh god, where do I find the time?

  3. The way this gale-force wind is blowing I had to check each panel very carefully for signs of flying people. This would be a very bad day for wearing that long overcoat or those baggy trousers!

    1. Don’t worry, they’ve probably all blown away already.

  4. What are those lights?

    To me this looks a bit off, because… totally red everything, sandstorm or whatever, and then there’s lights visible that’re clearly blue and not a tinge red? What? Maybe there’s a good reason, but, you know.

    1. I think they’re landing lights for the ship. 🙂

    2. In retrospect maybe I could have toned the lights down a bit – introduced a little more red so the blue’s not quite so unrealistically stark. I did like the contrast while I was working on it, though, and wanted them to draw the eye. Hmm!

      It was also very tempting to flippantly reply “magic!” to this, and it would actually be the truth (it’s magic fire) but it felt too much like a cop out after you made a very good point. Christine’s also correct – they’re landing lights.

  5. C’mon you can make it!! Have been up with my husband in his small plane, this whole page feels eerily familiar, lol!!! Oh and the art prints are beautiful, Rose!!!!

    1. Oof, tiny planes. I’ve never had the pleasure, but they seem a little terrifying. Anyway, thank you!

  6. “Oouuur Staaarrrblazeeerrrs!”

    Oops, that was a battleship that flies in space, not a destroyer that flies in low atmosphere. Nevermind. Carry-on. Nothing to see here.

    On a serious note: Holy moley, Batman! That “airship” definitely looks like an incredibly deadly warship, even while it’s whipping around corners and trying desperately not to collide with any buildings (or people). That pilot deserves a “well done” from Samara, though I doubt that’s what they’ll received.

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